30,000 mile sign-up bonus on Alaska Signature Visa

Note: The best current offer for the Alaska Signature Visa is for 25,000 miles upon approval.

It appears as if there’s a new sign-up offer for 30,000 Mileage Plan miles upon account activation for the Alaska Airlines Signature Visa. The standard sign-up bonus is 25,000 miles upon account activation, though this one adds 5,000 miles as a “thank you” from Bank of America for being a customer, whatever that means.

The card does come with an annual fee of $75 which isn’t waived for the first year, though you also get a $118 companion certificate, which is one of the most valuable out there. It’s eligible on all coach fares, is upgradable, and even the companion earns miles.

For what it’s worth there’s another improved offer out there right now, which I wrote about here. It offers 25,000 miles plus a $100 statement credit, though you have to spend $1,000 on the card within 90 days to be eligible for the statement credit. Without the $1,000 minimum spend I’d say the offer with the statement credit is better as I don’t quite value Alaska miles at two cents a piece, but factoring in the $1,000 minimum spend I’d say the 30,000 miles upon account activation is a better offer.

I’m guessing lots of you are probably interested in racking up some Alaska miles now given that they allow one way redemptions with stopovers on Emirates and several other carriers.

If you’ve been waiting to apply for cards and don’t yet have the Chase Ink cards, you may want to hold off till next week in applying for this card

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Repeating myself from Gary’s post:

    Beware of the fine print. There are 3 tiers of this card. I applied when there was the $100 statement credit and got approved for Platinum version, with only 5,000 miles for signup bonus. The annual fee is only $50 for my version, so I came out winning in monetary terms nonetheless, but now have 5,000 worthless miles.

  2. @Miguel, I hate the bait and switch. Either approve me for this card or no card at all! I got burned on the US Bank Flex Perks Olympic offer similarly 🙁

  3. I got in on the last one with the $100 statement credit which I think is better cuz it offsets that annual fee…dont you think Ben?

  4. I got the 40k offer last year, no problems at all. I also got the 25k + $100 statement credit a month ago. With both cards, as soon as Bank of America ships the card, the miles hit your account. It’s the easiest offer out there. With the $100 statement credit, you’re literally getting paid $25 and receiving 25,000 very valuable miles – in my opinion the most flexible miles available now with the amazing redemption options across alliances! Hoping to sneak in a 2nd $100 statement credit app in a month or two before it goes away 🙂

  5. I have not had success with the $100 statement credit. I used the link provided by either Gary or Lucky without actually buying a ticket thinking it would still work. Got the 25k miles upon approval but the CSR I spoke with when activating the card did not see a $100 statement credit after $1k spend on my account. (Did not actually do the spend since they said there was nothing else for me to get) Have people had success getting the $100 statement credit? Did you actually buy a ticket and then sign up?

  6. I got the statement credit before the first statement date, about 2 weeks after meeting the $1000 spend.

  7. I had a Alaska card over a year ago and cancelled it about 7 months ago when the annual fee hit. Do u think I can apply and get a new Alaska card now again? My credit score is very high.

  8. @David, do they really credit the 25K miles into your account as soon as they ship your card? I applied the card couple days ago from the Alaskaair.com website, got approved. I then call up the customer service to ask when I will get my miles, they told me I will receive my miles in two to three weeks AFTER I receive my card.

  9. @ Ozaer N. — I value Alaska miles at maybe 1.8 cents now. So the 5,000 additional miles are worth $90 or so to me, vs. a $100 statement credit. Is it worth the extra $10 to have to spend $1,000 on the card? I think the difference between the value of the offers is negligible.

  10. If you currently have the card, does the bank allow you to sign-up for a 2nd one? Trying to understand if I need to cancel my current card and wait a bit before applying.

  11. @elliot @ozaer – did you both buy an Alaska ticket and sign up through the link given then or did you guys use the link provided by lucky or someone else without buying a ticket?

  12. @Goosh: no, I did not buy an Alaska ticket. I just signed up through a link on a blog (can’t say I remember which, to be honest)

  13. @elliot – thanks, I guess I’ll go put the $1k spend on the card and hope for the best. Only reason I didn’t do it was because the CSR didn’t see that statement credit listed on the account.

  14. @Helen S. – Both times I’ve gotten the card, I’ve literally always gotten the miles before the card even showed up in the mail. It’s incredible.

  15. Just applied using your link on this post and got an error message =( Says something about possible site maintenance or offer expired. Any info about this?

  16. @ Jason — Did you apply for the 30,000 mile offer or the 25,000 mile plus $100 statement credit offer?

  17. I applied for the 30K offer. I just double-checked on the BOA website and looks like my offer is pending. So guess it went through!

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