Free tall iced Starbucks beverage through June 18, 2013

While it’s not travel related, Starbucks does have a loyalty program and this is a good deal, so I figured I’d mention it. Through June 18, My Starbucks Rewards members can receive a free tall iced beverage (including frappuccinos) at locations in the US and Canada. Simply show this coupon, either on your mobile device or printed, and pay with your My Starbucks Rewards card (though it shouldn’t actually be charged). There’s a limit of one free drink per member.

Aside from the free drinks for birthdays and 12 transactions it’s rare to see an offer like this, in my experience.

Update: It appears this may be targeted, so check your My Starbucks Rewards account to verify eligibility, as there seem to be some other versions of the offer out there as well.


  1. Is this available to everyone? I received a 50% off an espresso drink offer that is good through June 18, but this offer is not showing up on my card.

  2. Beware – if you did not DIRECTLY receive the email you may be out of luck. I’ve run into that before.

  3. It says it’s one time use and non transferable. I’m pretty sure it’s tied to your card and will only work if you personally received the offer.

  4. Agree with the other comments. I just received a totally different offer. It is tied to your card and Starbucks will probably only honor whats tied to your card.

  5. Didn’t work for me — cashier said the error code was “code not valid/registered for this card” or some such. My card is registered with My Starbucks Rewards but I did not receive this offer in my own email.

  6. Tried using it and I was turned down… Until the barista that regularly flirts with me said, “I’ll take care of it”

  7. They load these offers onto your rewards account just like regular reward drinks – once it’s redeemed that’s it

  8. Got an email from Starbucks telling me my free drink was already loaded on my card. Niiiiiice!

  9. I tried your picture and it didn’t work. Kind of embarrassing when its in front of the barista you are interested in. I received the breakfast sandwich one though

  10. Didn’t work for me either. Showed them the coupon on my phone and gave them my rewards card. She said it wasn’t loaded on my card and therefore a no go. She said it was only good for the card associated with the original recipient. Oh well.

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