US Airways offering 50% bonus on shared miles, plus waiving transaction fees through June 30, 2013

US Airways more or less offers monthly promotions on the purchase or sharing of miles. In January they offered a 100% bonus on purchased miles targeted exclusively to those that purchased miles in 2012, in February they offered a targeted 100% bonus on purchased miles as well, in March they offered a “mystery” bonus of up to a 100% on purchased miles, in April they offered a 50% bonus on shared miles, and in May they offered a 100% bonus on purchased miles for everyone.

This month they’re basically offering a slightly better version of the April promotion. Through June 30 they’re offering a 50% bonus on the sharing of miles. Sharing miles (meaning transferring them from one account to another) ordinarily costs one cent per mile, plus a 7.5% tax, plus a $30 transaction fee.

Through this promotion they’re waiving that transaction fee and offering a 50% mileage bonus.

That means if you transfer 50,000 miles to someone else’s account you’ll really get 75,000 miles, and it will cost you $537.50, or 2.15 cents per “generated” mile.

So this is a good deal if you’re looking to top off an account, in my opinion, but isn’t a rate at which I’d proactively transfer miles unless you have a specific redemption in mind. During the standard 100% bonus on purchased miles they’re available for 1.88 cents each, so this is a bit more expensive.

The very best promotions that US Airways runs, however, are the 100% bonus on shared miles, like the one they ran last October. Through that promotion you’re basically paying just over a penny per mile, which is an amazing deal. Here’s to hoping that returns sometime soon…


  1. Just to confirm, but moving miles into your account is sufficient activity to keep your account active and delay expiration?

  2. @Lucky,
    Thank you very much for quick and accurate analysis. You always comment promptly.

  3. Got the email. So all they are waiving is $30 and not the 1 cent fee plus 7.5%? If so seems bad to me.

  4. @ Jeremy — They’re waiving the transaction fee and giving you a 50% mileage bonus. Usually if you transfer 50,000 miles to another account you’ll get 50,000 miles in that account. Now you’re getting 75,000 miles.

  5. 25000 miles for 537.50 is about 2.15 cpm
    They do not waive taxes on the “sharing” either.

  6. You do not “get” 75000 miles from US
    You get 50k miles from your “friend” and 25000 miles from US

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