Daily Getaways schedule posted for this year

The past few years the US Travel Association and American Express have been sponsoring Daily Getaways, which is basically a promotion offering discounted travel packages to encourage travel within the US. As I posted back in March, the promotion will be back this year, though at the time the calendar wasn’t published.

Well, the calendar has now been published for two weeks of the five week promotion.

Here’s the schedule for the first week, from June 10-14:

And the schedule for the second week, from June 17-21:

The above isn’t especially exciting — I think what we get excited over are the Hyatt and Starwood points, though the past two years there have been so few packages and so much competition to the point that snagging them is kind of like winning the lottery, even if you’re there exactly when the promotion begins.

As a reminder, if you pay with an American Express card you get an additional 10% off, so in sharing my thoughts below I’ll assume everyone’s paying with an American Express.

So the first day you’re basically looking at Marriott gift cards for 20% off. Not bad, assuming you stay at Marriotts. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all pretty boring to me. I assume they’ll interest some, though they’re pretty specific.

For the following week the Club Carlson points are probably the most interesting offering. You can buy 50,000 points for $174.60, or 100,000 points for $346.50. I value Club Carlson points at maybe 0.4 cents each, so it’s a good deal, though not an amazing deal, in my opinion. Keep in mind you can get a lot more value out of Club Carlson points if you have their credit card, since the second night of an award redemption is free.

The other interesting offering is Avis Chairman’s Club membership for $1,003.50. This is basically the Concierge Key/Global Services equivalent of car rental status. I doubt you’ll get $1,000+ in value out of it unless you rent a lot, but it’s a cool status nonetheless.

Anyway, here’s to hoping weeks three through five are more exciting!


  1. @ Mike S. — Club Carlson has a ton of airline transfer partners, though the best rate you’ll get is 18,000 miles in exchange for 100,000 points. Not really a rate at which I’d consider this promo worthwhile, necessarily.

  2. @Lucky,
    Is there a purchase limit on Marriott Gift Card or anything else? I meant, can I purchase $2,000 (or even more, say, $3,000) Marriott GC on 6/10/2013?

    I would also look at Busch Garden and Sea World deal. I assume this is a deep discount. If there is no expiration date or the expiration is at least a year ahead, I would considering buying them on 6/14/2013. How about their expiration dates?

  3. @ Andy — If you click on the individual item you’ll see the restrictions. For example, you’re allowed a maximum of one of the highest value Marriott gift cards, two of the mid-value Marriott gift cards, and five of the low-value Marriott gift cards.

    For Busch Gardens there’s a limit of six tickets and they have to be used by next May.

  4. @Lucky,
    Thanks. Maybe I can use my family members to make 2nd or 3rd purchase. 🙂

  5. wanted to comment on the Sea World passes. I have been thinking of taking my family out to San Diego, and hit some of the many kid friendly activities, including Sea World. And whereas the $49 – 4.90 = $44.10 is a good price, there are packages for San Diego attractions that can meet or beat this price. So to reiterate what you said, it could be useful for some under the right circumstances, nothing to get excited by.

  6. @Jung,
    That is great advice. One supplement: if you plan to stay a few more days in SD, citypass.com (Southern California) may be another choice.

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