Burj Al Arab to offer all guests 24-carat iPads

Via the Huffington Post:

The Burj Al Arab, the “world’s only 7-Star hotel” is redefining the boundaries of the absurdly luxurious by issuing every guest their own 24-carat gold iPad.

In fairness, the hotel really didn’t have enough gold as it is…

(Tip of the hat to Mike)


  1. I preffer having a 24 carat gold ipad than when staying in an expensive suite in Paris,London or new york having to pay obscenly amount for internet,it maybe absurdly luxurious but not obscenly stingy.

  2. Interestingly, the hotel operates in the red year after year, and will never make a profit. I can see why now. However, it is a nice gesture, and will surely bring in people! its iconic.

  3. i assume it’s the 16g wifi only version? hopefully with retina?

    still, if you stay for just one night, it makes the cost a little more bearable.

  4. @ Jayson — Hah, I’ve thought the same thing before.

    @ Lantean — You don’t get to keep it, it’s just for use during the stay.

  5. The architecture of that hotel is truly a wonder of engineering. Everything else about it is just simply terrible. Terrible, terrible taste. Nouveau-riche doesn’t even begin to describe it. Neither do gaudy, crass, cheesy…

  6. such a stupid hotel but everyone who buys into the image of dubai being awesome and luxurious will eat this up. the best part of staying at this hotel is that i get to say that i stayed at this hotel and it sucks so much we left after 2 days and switched to emirates which actually provides quality service.

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