British Airways offering bonus when you purchase Avios through June 13, 2013

Through June 13, 2013, British Airways is offering tiered bonuses on the purchase of Avios, up to the maximum of 24,000 Avios per account per calendar year. The bonus tiers are as follows:

So basically if you max out this promotion you get 31,000 Avios for $685, making them ~2.2 cents per Avios.

Is that a rate at which I’d proactively buy Avios? Heck no. British Airways partners with American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest, so their points aren’t too difficult to come by. There’s even a 35% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards through June 7.

But assuming you have none of those points currencies, there are still circumstances under which it could make sense to purchase points. Say your family of six wants to fly from Los Angeles to Monterey tomorrow (doesn’t everyone’s family?). For only 4,500 Avios per person you could get seats on American Eagle (a total of 27,000 Avios).

Meanwhile revenue tickets would cost $225 per person.

So yeah, there are circumstances where this can make sense, but they’re few and far between. And with proper planning you should have enough points currencies that convert into Avios so you’re never in a bind.


  1. question: did you get the the price chart of 4500 avios mile per person and also purchase tickets from website?

  2. @Lucky,
    Thanks for quick response.

    One more question: I kinda remember you said that BA charges hefty fuel fee on their own award flight (e.g., not on AA’s award flight). The flight you mentioned above did not show the surcharge?

  3. @ Andy — The flight above is for travel on American Eagle on a domestic flight, for which fuel surcharges aren’t levied.

  4. Hi,
    Is there any minimum number of days for an account to be open prior to taking this up?

  5. Couldn’t you purchase MR at 2.5c and transfer to BA for more Avios and a higher allowance?

  6. @ Justin — Yep, while the points advance option is still around that’s also a possibility.

  7. It’s funny you mentioned this route, I used BA avios to purchase this exact route for my brother for Thanksgiving.

  8. @Lucky,
    After login at, I choose depareture (LAX) and destination Monterey (MRY)and click search. Then, the wesite says:

    British Airways does not have traffic rights to operate directly between these two cities.

    Could you please advise how to book AA (American Eagle) award flight tickets from using Avios points?

  9. @ Andy — It sounds like you’re doing a standard search for a revenue fare. Instead you should log into your Executive Club account, go to the Executive Club home page, and then click “Spend Miles.” That search should return the correct results.

  10. @Lucky,
    Thanks for great advice. I got it! The reason I tried it is because I intend to bring my family from NYC to Toronto. Avios award flight would be a great deal. Thanks again.

  11. Lucky,
    Can I redeem BA avios from YVR/JFK/LHR (CX from YVR to JFK and BA JFK to LHR,all on the same ticket)

    Can I use AA one-way award on CX from YVR to JFK,if yes how many miles does it cost and how do I find avalability?

    Many thanks!

  12. Does anyone know if buying avios points on incurs a foreign transaction charge?

  13. i meant from the CC issuer, not from BA. i’m trying to figure out which card to use to buy the points.

  14. @ danny — The purchase is processed directly from British Airways, so I’d use a card with no foreign exchange fees.

  15. @ Green — Yes, you can do both. British Airways charges on a per segment basis, so you can add as many flights as you want. Vancouver to New York one-way costs 25,000 Avios in business class or 37,500 Avios in first class. You can look up availability on

  16. This purchase deal could be very good for
    short haul flights on AA.
    YUL or YYZ to JFK/LGA are only 9000 avios RT.
    Buying the maximum avios (31K for $685 )
    will get you 3 RT ( plus 4K spare ).
    If you use AC Aeroplan miles ,you need 15K
    per RT flt.If you use Aadvantage miles , you
    need 25K per RT flt and if you use sky pesos ,it could cost you between 30K and 60K
    for a RT.
    In addition , most of the time you can also
    use less avios (up to 50% less) and more cash.

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