American offering double miles on new route between Miami and San Diego through September 15, 2013

On June 12, 2013, American will be launching daily service between Miami and San Diego, and to celebrate they’re offering bonus miles for those that register and fly the route by September 15, 2013. They’re offering triple base miles for paid first class and double base miles for paid coach.

You don’t actually have to be originating and terminating in Miami and San Diego to take advantage of this — you can book it as part of a larger itinerary, and the nonstop legs between Miami and San Diego will qualify for the mileage bonuses.

As of now nonstop fares aren’t great — about $384 all-in roundtrip. Hopefully they get better or someone comes across a creative itinerary that includes these segments.

Registration is required prior to travel using promotion code SAN3X.

(Tip of the hat to AAdvantageGeek)


  1. Does American offer status match/challenges to Alaska elites? Do DEQM promos typically count if on a challenge?

  2. So I just want to make sure, if i fly ORD-PDX (have triple miles offer) on a business class, I get about 3400+EQMs or do I get 10,000+EQMs? I dont really care about redeemable miles, i want to get platinum for next yr, so if the triple mile is only redeemable miles, its useless…

  3. oh thats too bad… Is there any possibility AA offers their yearly double miles offer like they have done the past 3yrs? Should I wait to cramp my travels or should i not count on that anymore due to the merger? I only say past 3yrs because that is when I join this EQM/EQP addiction, so I dont know if they actually do it yearly.. but I do know that the past 3yrs they have done so, it helped me get Plat otherwise I will be stuck in gold… Its hard to get time offs & very expensive to fly 50k miles when its all for leisure travels

  4. @ Marty — Definitely a possibility, though it’s anyone’s guess at this point. I’d wait it out a bit and see if they offer the promotion again this year.

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