Answers to a few common questions about the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card 75,000 point sign-up bonus

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Update: unfortunately the deal seems to be dead

Earlier I posted about the amazing sign-up bonus that American Express is running on the Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card, offering 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within three months. While the annual fee is $175, it’s waived for the first year.

Ordinarily the card doesn’t offer any sign-up bonus. The past few weeks they’ve been offering a promotional 50,000 point sign-up bonus, and since yesterday they seem to be unofficially offering a 75,000 point sign-up bonus. I say unofficially because not everyone seems to “see” the offer when they click the link. While American Express has rarely offered one day promotional sign up offers of 75,000 points, it has always been with a minimum spend of at least $10,000 to my recollection. And given how only some people can “see” the offer, I’d be willing to bet it will be pulled very soon, so I wouldn’t delay if you’re eying the card.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a ton of questions about the offer in the comments section and via email, so I figured I’d address some of the most common ones here.

When I click the link it shows a bonus for 50,000 bonus points. How do I get the 75,000 bonus point promotion?

For whatever reasons the offer doesn’t seem to come up on some computers or in some browsers. For example, the 50,000 point offer loads in all browsers on my laptop, while the 75,000 point offer loads in all browsers on my desktop.

So if you don’t see the 75,000 point offer try a different browser, try a different computer, try to clear your cookies, or try to do “private browsing,” all of which seem to do the trick. Heck, try your iPhone.

How should I fill out the application?

You don’t have to be an incorporated business with a tax ID to apply. You can apply as a sole proprietorship, and you can enter your name as your business name (or anything else you’d like). For the tax ID you can enter your social security number. A lot of people are thrown off by how to do that, given the way the application “chunks” the numbers. Just enter the first two digits of your social security number in the first field and the last seven digits in the second field.

How hard is it to get approved for this card?

Funny enough I had a post set up to publish yesterday (which I’ve now delayed) about how anecdotally I find American Express charge cards to be the single easiest “mainstream” cards to be approved for. It’s worth noting that both this and the personal Premier Rewards Gold Cards are charge cards. This means that you have to pay your balance in full each month. Obviously this is lower risk for the card issuers since they don’t carry the risk of you carrying a balance on a maxed out card for months.

Therefore I’ve found even those without long credit histories are having no trouble getting approved for this card. I had a 19 year old reader email me today that had no problems getting approved, for what it’s worth.

I’m between credit card “churns” — should I still apply?

A lot of people apply for credit cards every X number of days (be it 90 days, 120 days, or something else). The idea is that by applying for multiple cards on a single day you get to apply for multiple cards without having any of those inquiries show up on the credit score when any of the applications are being processed. While that’s a good strategy, I think a bit too much emphasis is placed on it at times. Applying for a card gives you a temporary credit score hit of a couple of points, and that won’t be the difference between an approval and a denial. This deal is too good to pass up, and if anything it’s worth pushing up a churn to take advantage of this. If you’re wanting to sign up for some other small business credit cards, the Ink Plus® Business Credit Card and Ink Bold® Business Charge Card are still offering 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 within three months, which is also a great deal. And given that they’re Chase business cards, they’re an excellent way to “diversify” where you’re picking up new business credit.

I applied and my card status is pending — what should I do?

Don’t worry, just because you didn’t get an instant approval doesn’t mean you’ll be denied. You can either wait it out, or I’d recommend calling up the American Express application line at (877) 399-3083. While Chase has legitimate credit analysts at their reconsideration line, the American Express line is staffed by outsourced agents that simply push the application through. Therefore you won’t be asked any questions. I had several family members apply under this offer and two of them weren’t instantly approved. Both called the application line and after being placed on hold for less than a minute were approved, without even having to answer any questions.

I applied under the 50,000 point offer in the past, will they match this better offer?

Back in the day American Express would match just about any better sign-up bonus if you had applied under a lesser bonus. Unfortunately they seem pretty strict nowadays, and based on the reports I’ve seen from the past couple of days, everyone is getting shot down. So if you signed up under the 50,000 point deal (which was already a really good deal), it appears as if you’re out of luck, unfortunately.

Anyway, if anyone has any other questions, let me know below!

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  1. I did not fill the in the “Federal tax Id” I believe on the following page, there was a place to insert my social security number. Also, as I am selling stuff on ebay, there was no “retail” for the drop down window. The closes was “retail trade”…Is this correct or should I have chosen “other”?

  2. TIN is not required for a sole proprietorship, which is how “most” of your individual readers would apply for a biz card for the first time, unless they have incorporated or filed other paperwork for a partnership. As Sol mentioned, the space for SSN is further below in the application.

  3. FYI:

    I clicked on your link and got the 50K offer, then closed the browser, re-opened it and came back to this page (via history) and clicked again, thinking I’d copy the URL and try your suggestions of another browser or private browsing, etc.

    However, I didn’t have to do any of that. the second try got me the 75K link

  4. Since this is a business charge card, how would applying or having it affect my credit score, if at all?

  5. I have an Amex business card as an extra cardholder on my husband’s business. If I try to do one for myself, am I disqualified? Is it ANY business card, regardless of whether or not I am the primary and/or business?

  6. @Lucky,

    I signed up for the credit card thru your link. Thanks! What will be the best way to keep the points after 1 year? I am worry if I cancel the card before 1 year. Does it depend if I have another Amex card open (since I assumed it will merge the pts)


  7. @ Joey — Applying for a business card will trigger a hard “pull” on your personal credit report, though once the card is opened it will reflect on your business credit report, which is separate.

  8. @ Cecilia — If you’re only the authorized user on his account you should still be eligible for the bonus.

  9. @ Bundy — Congrats, and thanks! If you have other cards that accrue Membership Rewards then all the points will accumulate in one account, so keeping at least one card open is probably your best bet.

  10. While I was approved instantly yesterday, my wife’s application was pending review. I had her call the number mentioned above and after confirming details such as name, address, SSN, she was approved without issue. No questions related to the business or revenue,etc. Most of the call was the representative promoting the benefits of the card.
    Now I just need to figure out what to do with our soon-to-be 150K+ Membership Rewards points:)

  11. forgot to ask…I was approved for the AMEX GOLD skymiles biz card 2 months ago…would I still receive the 75k bonus. I have read before that you need to wait 3 months before applying for another AMEX card to receive the bonus points.

  12. “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® within the last 12 months.”..

    Just to that referring to the Business Platinum or Personal Platinum. I got the 100,000 point bonus for Personal platinum, am I still eligible?

  13. Just to be clear on the issue of hard pulls:
    While they may only have a small impact on your formulaic FICO score (i.e. when a computer reviews your credit), they are still a negative to actual bankers / lenders who pull your report. For example, if Luckly wanted to go buy a house in California tomorrow, there is no doubt his mortgage lender would ask why he had so many hard pulls. Lenders see this as overextending yourself and is actually a significant
    “flag” (maybe not a red flag, but a yellow flag). Now you should be able to explain this away as miles churning, but it’s still a hassle.
    Also, keep in mind that Amex cards are charge cards that have to be pad in full each month. They also technically don’t have limits, so they impact your card utilization rate because you have balances, but no corresponding “denominator” to lower your utilization. For example, if you have two cards – one amex and one chase sapphire with a $10k limit. If you have $5k on your amex and $0 on your Chase, you will show as utilizing 50% of your credit ($5k / $10k total limit) which is a huge red flag and will definitely hurt your score.
    Also, business credit cards do not have the same consumer protection as consumer cards (like max liability for identity theft).

    Ben, as this blog grows and you continue to promote credit card sign ups, I would think long and hard about disclaimers, legal ramifications of giving “advice,” etc.

  14. @ Sil — Since that’s a different type of card you would have still been eligible.

    @ Joe C — It’s only referring to business cards. So if you got the bonus on a personal card you’d still be eligible.

    @ Roger — Yes, unfortunately the offer appears to be dead now.

  15. I signed up for the offer last night for myself and my wife. I called and got approved over the phone. She has not called yet if the deal is dead will that be a problem. Thank you

  16. @ CD — Definitely won’t be a problem, I’d have her call right away. The offer she gets is based on the one that was available at the time she applied. It doesn’t matter that it’s dead now.

  17. I called the reconsideration line, but the guy said a special team is reviewing my application and they’ll be giving me a call in the next 3 business days. I didn’t do anything sketchy on my application. I have a legitimate business. And my credit score is 800+.

    Found it odd that everyone else seems to be getting approvals on the phone with no questions asked.

  18. @ STL — That’s very odd. If you don’t mind me asking how many AmEx cards do you have, and how many cards have you applied for in the past two years?

  19. @lucky – I have an Amex Blue Cash that I’ve had for about 5 years and I have an SPG Amex that I applied for about a year ago. Those are the only Amex cards I have.

  20. @ STL — Truly puzzling, especially with a score of over 800. Please let us know what happens!

  21. @Craig

    The second part of your post is actually incorrect; balances on both charge cards that do not have credit limits as well as credit cards that do not report their credit limits (most biz cc’s do not) are not counted in the calculation of credit utilization.

    Also, re: disclaimers, try scrolling to the very bottom of any page on his sit.

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