Free Admirals Club day pass or $50 off an Admirals Club membership through Klout

Klout is an app that measures peoples’ social online influence based on a variety of analytics. It’s always interesting when travel providers run promotions based on this. For example, last year Cathay Pacific gave Klout users with a score of at least 40 access to their new lounge in San Francisco.

American is doing something similar with their Admirals Club, it seems. If you have a Klout score of at least 55 they’ll give you a free day pass, while everyone else seems to get $50 off an annual membership. You can go here to see what your Klout score is and claim either your free Admirals Club day pass or discount on the annual membership fee. It only takes a few seconds to connect it to your Twitter or Facebook.

My score was over 55, so I got a free day pass I won’t be able to use, which expires on July 31, 2013. If anyone can use it leave a comment below, and later tonight I’ll email it to someone in the comments section that expresses interest (though be sure you’re commenting with a valid email address, because that’s where it’ll be sent).

(Tip of the hat to Mommy Points)


  1. If I can use it even if I’m not flying AA (e.g., VX out of SFO T2), I’m definitely interested.

  2. My wife is taking an international trip (without me for a change). She does not have access to any lounges and would love the opportunity during her several-hour layover!

  3. Let’s see if I’m the ‘lucky’ one this time and get that pass you’re offering. I could use it when flying through ORD in a few weeks.

  4. Ben – The CODE for a free AA Club day? [Flying AA nxt wk, SFO/BCN viaMIA.]. Love your blog. Thanks for all the good info.

  5. I can definitely use it. I’m flying AA from MIA to LIM with a 4 hour layover, an Admirals Club day pass would help tremendously.

  6. I’d appreciate it. I’ve go to sit around ORD for a few hours to get to North Dakota and then drive to Canada

  7. My Klout was 54.49 today, I fell 1/100 short of getting the free pass. I’d be interested in yours if possible. I travel on American in a week.

  8. My buddy’s looking for an AC pass for his parents next month. Would love to have it!

  9. If anyone wouldn’t be able to use it or just wants to give it away, I would be really interested 🙂 With a score of 50, I wasn’t that lucky … THx in advance!

  10. I could definitely use it. My boyfriend lives across the country; he’s a broke grad student and I’m a broke junior at my agency. I spend a lot of time in airports. I just got into miles and points, and a day pass would make one of the many trips between ORD and SMF a little more bearable. Thanks for the chance!

  11. @ jay — Unfortunately it can only be used at Admirals Clubs and not Qantas lounges.

  12. my score is 54, which apparently was just shy of the threshold for a free pass 🙂

    either way, I’m doing JFK-LAS on Y this Saturday and was thinking of springing for Five Star just to get a pass and priority boarding, but if you’re feeling generous, I’ll take it 🙂

  13. My score was 10…probably the lowest of any of your commenters! But I could really use the pass next week in Dallas on my 4.5 hour layover…

  14. Would love to use it on our BOS layover on the way to DUB this July (no biz class for us!)

  15. I have a flight coming up this friday from JFK to LAX to see my girlfriend for first time in 4 months!

    Would appreciate it greatly if you could pass it along =) Thanks so much!

  16. I’m traveling to San Francisco on May 17th from Philadelphia. I have never been in an airline lounge before and I would really appreciate the opportunity to try it at least once (especially since my Klout score was a measly 17). Crossing my fingers!

  17. Klout rates me as 26. Not a blogger, don’t post much. Got $50 off club membership offer.

  18. I could use it, for a trip to Italy to visit cousins I’ve just discovered. Last time I went I had about 6 hours to kill at JFK before my flight.

  19. I could use the last day 31st of July either JFK or MIA since I will be traveling DOH-JFK-MIA-AUA for a summer in Aruba!

    I got Klout of 40 so only the 50$ off 🙁

  20. That would be nice to have. I’m doing a lot of flying in/out of DFW for work and would be nice to escape the terminal every once in a while.

  21. My score was 19 LOL ! Anyway I have the AMex Platinum and wont need the $50.00 off coupon or the pass. Good luck to all of you and a happy winner!

  22. I only have a 20 but I have a 4 hour layover on my trip to Alaska in June. It would be greatly appreciated!

  23. Doing DEN-ORD-DFW-EZE w/miles in three weeks and I could really use it during my 6 hour DFW layover! I’ve never been in an airline lounge before.

  24. Hi Lucky,

    We could definitely use the pass on July 24 when my family travels SFO-ORD at the SFO AC which is pretty new and kind of nice. I believe the AA pass allows one adult plus at least two children which would get my wife and our two kids in, then I can buy one pass for myself and be reimbursed from the Skyguide executive club deal!


  25. Interested! Traveling alone w/ a 3 year old and a 5 year old from BOI to DCA w/ a layover in LAX. Would love the opportunity to turn on a movie on the laptop in a quiet corner for the little ones 🙂

  26. I have a miserable redeye in economy on an airline I have absolutely no status on and 2 connections (long story) – the pass would help! Thanks, and thanks for the info on how to obtain a free one day pass (I didn’t have enough Klout to score, although it seems the Klout is based only on twitter & FB rather than othr websites and blogging?).

  27. I could use it for a long layover in Dallas next week. Thanks for the consideration Lucky!

  28. I could really use it for an upcoming trip to Alaska. It’d be great to use in ORD or DFW.

  29. I could use it in LGA when I fly to Toronto in June!

    BTW I cannot believe my KLOUT score was only 48!!!

  30. Thanks to everyone for participating. A generous reader sent me a code for an extra Admirals Club pass, so I was able to give two away. The winners have been emailed.

  31. Im travelling to MNL via AA from ORD to LAX and CX from LAX-HK-MNL. I could use a good start at the Admirals Club. Thanks. Hope I get it because my Klout score fell short. I’m 47.

  32. i have allways wished to enter to an admirals club, but i never can… it would be a wish come true…

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