Last day to take advantage of the Lifemiles double miles promotion

As a reminder, today is the last day to take advantage of the AviancaTaca Lifemiles double miles promotion which has been running for the month of April. Through this promotion you can essentially purchase up to 150,000 Lifemiles for 1.5 cents each. Keep in mind the major restriction is that in order to be eligible you must have a Lifemiles account before the start of the promotion.

In a post last week I shared both why Lifemiles suck and also why I’ll be taking advantage of this promotion.

But even if you’re not going to buy miles through this promotion, be sure to at least sign-up for a Lifemiles account. This is because the requirement for just about any Lifemiles promotion is that you must have an account before the beginning of the promotion. Who knows, they may come out with another bonus offer for May (be it a 100% bonus on purchased or transferred miles or something else), so you’d want to sign up today to be eligible if that were the case. More likely than not it’ll be June or July before they run another one of these promotions, though.

In the meantime it’ll be interesting to see if US Airways has any bonus promotions on purchased miles for the month of May.


  1. @Lucky, I just signed up today and when I go to Special Offers > Buy miles 2×1 > View Details > Buy Now Button > it leads me to a page to buy miles.
    I just signed up a few minutes ago with AviancaTaca but it looks like the restriction to be registered before April 8 is no longer enforced. I didn’t buy miles myself, so I couldn’t test if the purchase would actually go thru.

  2. @ Grant — Well the offer displays regardless of whether you’re registered or have a new account or not.

    When you enter the number of miles on the purchase page and go to the next page does it double them?

  3. @Lucky, no, if I enter 1,000 miles then hit continue, only 1,000 miles shows up on the next page. I guess the promo isn’t working for me then.

  4. @Lucky, thanks for clarifying, I just assumed it would go through. I was tempted to buy some miles, but will wait it out.

  5. Not sure if anybody saw this but the transaction fee is included in the miles purchase.

    My Example:
    20,000 and bonus =40,000 Total charge
    Total US$:

  6. Lucky – I know this sounds silly, but how do you complete the billing info page? I’ve tried 3 credit cards and have gotten “Please enter other credit card number” message each time (cc company says no block on my card). One attempt even got me an error message, telling me to call TACA, which I (stupidly) did and the agent kept saying that he’d be happy to help me reserve a ticket. ugh.

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