Hyatt’s awesome(r) new website is live!

While I love Hyatt, IT has never been their strong point. Then again I’m not really one to talk, given that my blog’s theme looks like it was created back when American Idol was still relevant (okay, maybe that’s because it was).

But Hyatt finally unveiled their new website over the weekend, and while it involves a lot of lipstick, there’s also some bacon to the pig (is that the logical continuation of that expression?).

It looks like one of the more minor functional improvements is that when you do a destination search and begin to enter the city name, you now have the option of searching for all hotels in that market or choosing a specific property, which wasn’t an option before.

I’d say the single biggest improvement, though, is that you can search reward night availability on the same page you search revenue rates. Previously you had to go to a different page to see whether a hotel had reward night availability and how much they were charging. You can now search reward night availability by ticking a box at the top of the results page.

The new site isn’t perfect. I find some of the boxes (like the calendars) to be too small, while other boxes (like the ones showing the types of rates) are too big. I also wish you could more easily compare reward rates among various hotels in a market, rather than having to click on each individual property to determine the prices.

Still, it’s a huge step forward, in my opinion, so kudos to Hyatt for that.

How do you guys feel about the new site?


  1. Hate the date format Monday-Sunday rather than the old Sunday-Saturday format typically used in the US. This is going to cause a lot of problems with wrong reservations.

    Also, any discounts (AAA, Senior, Goverment, Corporate) now requires an additional step.

    I’ll agree with the ability to see awards together though.

  2. Also, you can now check for award availability without having the points in your account – particularly useful for Chase UR points.

  3. Looks like the Starwood website is still something to aspire to. Listing all the properties on one page with an easy response interactive calendar to look up Cash, Points and Cash and Points Rates.

  4. Lucky,
    How does one analyze whether to use Chase UR points first versus use the Chase Hyatt 2 free nights credit card? I have a good amount of UR points and United miles. With no major trips planned, would you use the 2 free nights on an 18,000 Hyatt points hotel or wait for something higher?

  5. @ Dave Op — That’s a great question and one I’ve been asking myself as well.

    I think the obvious answer is that if you stay at a hotel that costs 22,000 points per night you should use the free night certificates. But it’s often not that straightforward, given that the free nights expire within a year.

    In my case, for example, I know I’ll be staying at a category six property this year, so I won’t redeem the certificates for anything less. That being said, I think redeeming them for a category five property would be a good value as well, especially if you’re not sure you’ll otherwise be able to use them.

  6. Maybe it’s just me but it appears when searching for award nights only the lowest tier awards (i.e. non-suite awards) appear when you do not have the necessary points in your account for anything greater.

  7. @ Evan — In my experience the website has never shown premium rooms for award nights. I’ve never seen the site display suites, though in the past when standard rooms were sold out they’d display club rooms. It sure would be nice if they showed all award night options online.

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