Some Singapore Airlines longhaul business class award space bookable through AviancaTaca Lifemiles!

Singapore Airlines generally makes their longhaul first and business class cabins unavailable for award redemptions to their Star Alliance partner airlines. While they release this space to their own KrisFlyer members, that means they don’t release that space to those using miles from Aeroplan, United, US Airways, etc.

For whatever reason it appears as if much of this business class (though not first class) award space is presently bookable through AviancaTaca’s Lifemiles program. Availability doesn’t exactly match what’s available to KrisFlyer members, but there are some pretty cool opportunities here.

For example, Singapore is discontinuing service between Newark and Singapore later this year, which is the world’s longest flight, operated by an all business class A340-500. However, at the moment availability is quite good through Lifemiles, with a couple of days available per week on average. The cost of a one-way business class redemption is just 62,500 Lifemiles, which is quite a good value.

Keep in mind that AviancaTaca is offering a 100% bonus on the purchase of Lifemiles through April 30, 2013 for 1.5 cents each. But you don’t even have to purchase 62,500 miles. If you have 40% of the miles needed for a redemption you can purchase the remaining points for ~1.275 cents each.

In other words you can outright redeem 62,500 miles.

Or you can redeem 25,500 Lifemiles (which you can purchase for ~$390) plus a co-pay of $474.58.

That’s under $1,000 for a one-way business class seat on the world’s longest flight (while it’s still around, which is pretty amazing).

You can search availability directly on the Lifemiles website and can best narrow your search by selecting Singapore Airlines as your preferred carrier, as shown below.

This probably won’t last long, so I’d suggest jumping on this ASAP if you’re interested.

(Tip of the hat to Canadian Kilometers)


  1. At 2K for a round-trip SQ business, it’s still pretty steep but better than the retail price. But again, you don’t earn miles on this award redemption. Decision, decision…

  2. “This probably won’t last long, so I’d suggest jumping on this ASAP if you’re interested.”

    Why don’t you say that it won’t last long BECAUSE you are pimping it now?

    Lasted just fine before your exposure.

  3. @AC, Coach starts at $1537 for one-stoppers so the ~33% premium is a bargain for J on SQ (this flight feels like a First as there are only 100/so seats on it); even if the give- up of mileage earning is taken as a Cost, there is the intangible Benefit of being able to fly on the world’s longest, in an all J aircraft and at a cheap price, none of which can be achieved by paying cash to earn those “what if” miles.

  4. In a non-stop, to boot. Typically on one stoppers east coast to Asia, your body is in 2AM (groggy) mode during long walkathons at EU/UK airports. This gets past that, so on arrival you can do lots more.

  5. But I am sure you have not been able to ticket. Why just repeat what you saw on another blog, not trying it and misleading people?

  6. it’s not phantom this time … i’ve successfully booked september JFK-FRA-SIN-HKG on A380 J

    ticket shows up on, e-ticket number shown on SQ receipt, and i already chose my upper deck seat =)

  7. I actually booked this earlier this week YYZ-LAX-NRT (AC/SQ) in J.
    The online system wasn’t able to price the ticket out.
    I had to call and have an agent to book the reservation.
    Initially they weren’t able to price it out either, and had to put the reservation on hold.
    The agent then told me that I had to take a screenshot of the error message that showed up when I initially priced out the reservation online and send it to the email link indicated on that page in order for the $80 telephone ticketing to be waived (good that I had that documented).
    Then two days later, they were able to “ticket” the reservation by charging me 40% of the miles while purchasing the rest at the same rate as online, and charging me the online ticketing fee and taxes. I was told that it’d take up to 12 hours before it’ll be issued and emailed to me.
    No news from Lifemiles as of now where the reservation is yet to be ticketed… I hope it works out..

  8. @ Dax — Then you can’t take advantage of the 100% bonus on purchased miles this time around, unfortunately.

  9. Are you guys able to go ahead with EWR-SIN? I get an error. I’ve been monitoring this for about a week, but can only book SIN-EWR and not the other way.

  10. So much for that one. This has been a while for a good bit of time. Sad to see it inevitably go now…

  11. Just booked this. EWR-IAH-SIN. Was unable to just book IAH-SIN as I got an error but from EWR-IAH-SIN there was no error. I didn’t have an account before April 8th so I bought 26K miles for $780 and then paid $474 additional. Received confirmation from Lifemiles and the code seems to show up on united and SQ but I haven’t received an e-ticket yet. Agent said it takes about an hour to ticket and then i’l get another email.

    If you know someone who had a lifemiles account before the 8th, you can use theirs as they let you change the name and everything before ticketing.

  12. Just a philosophical question, because I personally knew about this and wanted to use it a bit later without having to rush and beat everyone else to the booking:

    What if there were some way for the interests of the uninformed, and of the bloggers, to coincide with maximal utilitarian benefit from a deal? I know hordeing has a bad name in the blabber-mouth world of travel hacker bloggerdom, but it’s certainly true, as Pickles demonstrated, that travel hackers as an audience lack a ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to behave in way to maximize benefit to our group as a whole.

    I don’t like it, but — yes, some deals just are too good to be told!

    Philosophically, I wonder though.. what if in exchange for not knowing “deal A”, part of your readership would be entitled to “deal B”, of which other readers did not know? I know the mechanism for such a thing would be in question, but supposing it did exist, would that not be more ideal? It seems that blindly revealing all deals assures that no deals are very long for this world — and yet it is only due to the attitude that it’s not “fair” that a select few get to horde a deal that this is true. So, fine, what if we each get to horde certain deals? It seems like a better solution.

  13. Lucky,

    I read your blog all the time, but I’ve got to give you (and Canadian KilometERs) a big thumbs down for this one.

  14. They bitch because this deal has been around for a while…for people who are prepared to spend some time searching all the info is there. So SOME people have been able to book sweet deals. Shortly, NO ONE will be able to book the deal…what a win! 🙁

  15. The funny thing to me is the Canadian guy was just telling us on FT to be quiet so blogs don’t ruin stuff. Then the one advantage of LM I was aware of he blows open.

  16. Lucky – am i understanding this correctly? i can fly business class on SQ for $864 (miles + cash)? are there fuel surcharges on top of that?

  17. no fuel surcharge … my JFK-SIN-HKG ticketed at 25500 miles, $500 money, $25 booking fee, and $38 tax

  18. i just booked this earlier this week – PVG-SIN-EWR. Quite easy – and ticketed almost instantly with Lifemiles. my friend is flying it – I’ll send some photos later.

  19. No stopovers. If you stopover (by booking a multicity itinerary) you price each segment individually.

  20. The LM site seems to be much much slower than normal, especially after this nice little niche deal was posted by bloggers…@Lucky, why upset the apple cart?

  21. To those of you calling me out for sharing the deal, I wanted to provide a bit of an explanation. I think I’ve shown in the past my ability to use discretion, and my goal is always to maximize the greatest good for the greatest number of people. In some instances that’s sharing a deal, and in other instances it’s not.

    I find it’s worth sharing a deal when it’s clear the deal will die shortly, while it’s not worth sharing a deal if it could last a long time if not written about.

    Full disclosure — I actually had no clue this was an ongoing opportunity or I wouldn’t have written about it. I saw someone else blogged about it, they wrote to act fast, and I shared it as well, figuring it was a glitch and that was the way to maximize the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

    I wouldn’t have done it if I had known this was an ongoing opportunity. But if I don’t know something is an ongoing opportunity, how am I supposed to know not to write about it?

  22. @Lucky – yes, it has been an ‘ongoing opportunity’ for awhile now, various routes in SQ J. The cool part is recently some of the ‘choicer’ SQ J routes have shown availability. Been following the LM FT thread for 6 months now…

  23. Well put, Ben, I get real tired of the “secret handshake” sect getting on their high horses.

  24. @Lucky

    hmmm… interesting about how you exercise your discretion… could you please explain then, why you didn’t share the Malaysia Airline 1/3 points price for first class booked with Avios? you must have know that one was not going to last…

    basically, it’s not clear how you decide what to share and what not. thank you.

  25. @ Lantean — Absolutely. That “deal” actually lasted for seven weeks and that’s because no one shared it publicly. If it had been shared I’d be willing to bet it wouldn’t only have been pulled within a day, but BA wouldn’t have honored it, since after all the bookings did say economy. I’m 100% confident I made the right choice there.

  26. It’s funny how selfish and entitled people can get about supposedly “secret” deals. If you were really that special you wouldn’t be searching for *DISCOUNTED* travel to begin with. So you found a good deal on a flight during triple bonus coupon day. Big whoop. Get over yourself.

  27. Lucky @ 42, that is a stupid explanation. You are an experienced blogger and should know better. The Canadian blogger, in his first ever blog, steals the information from FT where he is telling everyone not to share with FT, and you pick it up and republish it without blinking an eyelid. Way to go lucky. Hope you can enjoy the credit card referral dollars !!!

  28. I had posted in another forum how easy it was to redeem lifemiles for 2 SQ/LH J class tickets JFK-FRA-ZRH. This wasn’t hidden – it has been there for a while. Nothing wrong with sharing what is basically “part of the program” – I don’t think it is a mistake. Lucky – you are good in my book….keep at it!

  29. @Lucky

    I didn’t mean to attack you, I like your blog most of all and I always use your links for cc apps because I know you need to make income in order to keep doing what you do (you got 2 referrals $$ from me on Monday).

    I was just really bummed out about that one since I found out after it was over. I have a dear friend who lives in KL and it would have been perfect for me to visit her on those flights.

    What I am getting at is… the fact that neither you, Brian, Gary or any other of the bloggers I follow posted about it made me reconsider my strategy of only reading the blogs hoping that the best deals would always surface here. Now I feel like I basically have to browse thru flyertalk every day, no matter how disorderly that website is. 🙁

    If more people feel this way, you guys may lose readership and income pretty fast.

  30. hey, look at the brighter side. If Lucky et al write about it and it generates this much interest that a company actually reacts by changing policy/tactics – think of the snowstorm Lucky’s audience will create by voting with their comments & mile-portability to more customer-friendly programs. Think of the change “we the people” can bring about by giving marketing departments feedback. Think about how this foces OTHER airlines to cut their award pricing to stay competitive. Is it any coincidence that a buy-miles program “with a better moustrap” emerged in Star Alliance so quickly after US Airways paved the way (since 2009-10, anyway?)

    We fear the reduction of award availabilities in the future once such “sweetheart deals” and customer-friendly programs are publicized. It can also go the other way – “They” have to come down to “Our” level – who else is going to fly Business/First? They have a fixed cost, they can’t dynamically increase/decrease Coach capacity to suit tactical demand fluctuations.

    Look at BA/Avios when they devalued some time ago. The world didn’t end, the market found the sweet spots, and everyone is happy now. Some moved redemptions to AA, some to intra-Europe, some migrated to another alliance member, and some went away to some other alliance.

    Competition spoke. Were it not for Lucky and his bretheren, we’d have spent months/years deciphering the cost/benefits, but because of Lucky and others’ quick analysis/distribution of information, everyone found the beneficial niches they can capture..

    Its not just airlines – even credit card companies are competing with each other to give out more handsome bonuses than the last guy standing, and if they don’t, they hear about it from “non-voting” members of the franchise.

    Every market “settles” to some natural balance after an “edge” dissipates.

    The internet is a great leveler of playing fields, and maybe it levels these fields faster than previously possible.

    But because of that, and because Lucky et al take the time – the market also expands faster – more people flying premium short/long haul = more investment $ for airlines to upgrade product (when was the last time someone wanted to fly KLM?) so it becomes a nice-choice market and our standard of living increases.

    We, the reader, such a big microphone that we never had before – it forces change for the better, at a quicker pace, and if we’re not happy, we move our business.

    The more widespread the information about such “deals”, the more people get to taste the pleasures of flying premium cabins. Lucky and folks who take the time to analyze and distribute this info actually help increase our standard of living in a measurable way by such acts.

    So why shoot the messenger. We are/ought to be thankful to them.

    And yes, full disclosure, Lucky/Gary/Brian did not give me a referral dime for the above verbiage.

  31. @ Lantean — I see where you’re coming from, but here’s the thing. I’ve seen dozens of these deals during my time, and I can usually tell you with near certainty up front whether they’ll be honored or not, because there are certain things that make mistakes “stick,” while others that result in them not being honored.

    The Malaysia deal had “not being honored” written all over it. It showed coach throughout the booking process and coach on the confirmation. If 5,000 people had booked that overnight is there any chance in hell they would have honored it for anything but coach? No way, especially since BA has a track record of not honoring mistakes.

    Conversely, when bookings went “under the radar” for seven weeks and they were honored for everyone, I’m confident that was the right decision.

    I understand it can be frustrating especially since you wanted to go there, but please see it from the viewpoint of the greatest good for the greatest number of people. We could have given thousands of people false hope of booking first class as the coach price, or maybe a few hundred people could have actually done it.

    Lastly, it wasn’t my deal to share, unfortunately. It was shared with me in confidence.

    Hope that makes sense!

  32. I would have loved to book MH F for 1/2 price (I don’t need 1/3)! Oh well…

    Looks like SIN-EWR is almost completely gone, even on SQ’s own site. I flew that 10 years ago. It wasn’t a flat bed then. Same plane, so is it flat now?

  33. @ john — Back then it used to feature angled flat business class seats and premium economy seats. Now it’s in an all business class configuration with just 100 seats total.

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