Virgin America extending Elevate status match offer through June 30, 2013

Last November Virgin America began status matching American and United elites to their Elevate program. In reality if was more of a challenge than an outright match, given that the status was only valid for six months at most, and you had to fly a certain amount in order to keep it for the rest of the year.

Well, it seems they’ve now updated the terms of their status match offer in a couple of ways. First of all, they’re now also matching Southwest A-List and Companion Pass members to Elevate Silver and Gold, respectively. This makes sense given that they compete in many markets (though often at co-terminal airports).

They’ve also extended the expiration date of the status match offer to June 30, 2013. So this is at most a three month status match, and you have to cross the following thresholds in order to keep your status for the rest of the year:

While Elevate isn’t as rewarding as traditional frequent flyer programs, it does come with free upgrades to Main Cabin Select for Elevate Gold members, and with that you can purchase discounted upgrades to first class.

(Tip of the hat to Frequently Flying)


  1. If you apply for the card after they match, will the Bonus Points from the card count toward keeping status?

  2. @ jayy — The terms don’t seem to specify when you have to have the card, so I’d speculate that as long as you have the card during the status match period you should be eligible.

  3. as a 1K I haven’t missed an upgrade on United for +/- 6 months, I like Virgin but I don’t want to pay for my upgrades…

  4. Hi Ben,

    I was upgraded to VX GOLD as a DL PLAT even though they never specifically state it as possible on their site. Just appealed to their sensibilities since I’m SFO-based.

  5. ^^ Sorry to be clear: I would use WN CP to get VX Gold. Then use that to match to TK Gold.

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