US Airways offering a 50% bonus on hotel points transfers through April 30, 2013

Through April 30, 2013, US Airways is offering a 50% bonus on transferred hotel points, with the exception of Starwood. Here’s the list of eligible transfer partners:

Registration is not required, though the promotion is only valid for a single points transfer. It’s sad that Starwood is excluded, because that could have been a very good deal. 20,000 Starpoints ordinarily gets you 25,000 US Airways miles, so with the 50% bonus that would have been 37,500 US Airways miles per 20,000 Starpoints. They offered that exact promotion last year, so it’s sad to see Starwood excluded this year.

So which transfers make sense under this promotion?

With Priority Club 100,000 points would ordinarily convert into 20,000 US Airways miles, though with this bonus you’re looking at 30,000 US Airways miles. While it isn’t a rate at which I’d necessarily proactively transfer points, it’s also not a bad value if you have more Priority Club points than you know what to do with, or are a bit short on US Airways miles.

This would also be a good promotion through which to take advantage of Marriott’s Flight and Hotel Packages, whereby you can redeem points for a combination of miles and a set number of free nights.

So while I don’t think I’ll be taking advantage of this, it’s not a bad way to rack up some extra US Airways miles either if you’re a bit short…

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Kinda makes me want to get rid of those cheap Wyndham points I will not be using anyway…

  2. I’ve had 80K Priority Club Points for a LONG time never seeing any good value (over .7cents) i’m thinking that this is the time to transfer into 24K US Airway miles. what do you think?

  3. I’m going to convert my 100000 Club Carlson points that I paid $120 to obtain via Big Night Giveway into 27000 miles. That’s less than $.005 per mile.

  4. @ Ryan from MA — You’d get 24,000 US Airways miles. If you value miles more highly than hotel points and haven’t found a use for your Priority Club points, then I’d say go for it.

  5. Just to be sure I understand correctly, I have 200K+ CC points but because I’m only allowed to transfer once I could only transfer up to 100K of them?

  6. @Ryan from MA: I agree with lucky. I have Priority Club Points for a long time just like you and never find any single great deal. I also value airline miles more than hotel points (thinking of flying longhaul in those premium cabins), so I am down for this US promotion.

  7. @ Steve — 5,000 Best Western points ordinarily get you 1,000 US Airways miles, so through this promotion you’re looking at 1,500 US Airways miles. I don’t think their points are worth more than half a cent or so a piece, so I think transferring to US Airways could be a good deal if you value award tickets more than reward nights.

  8. you said for a single points transfer. does that mean i cannot transfer my wyndham points and then later priority club points?

  9. Hi Ben. When converting Wyndham Rewards to Dividend Miles, do you know if I select Quantity “3” at 30,000 Wyndham points to 12,000 US Airways Dividend Miles if this will show as 1 transfer of 90,000 points or 3 transfers of 30,000 points each, in which case I would only get the 50% bonus on 1 transfer of 30,000 points? Wyndham Rewards also says to allow 6-8 weeks to deposit. Do you know if these transfers typically take that long? Thanks.

  10. @ Tovah — That should count as one transfer for the entire amount. I haven’t made a transfer myself, but apparently it does take a very long time to occur.

  11. @Tovah

    when i transferred mine to United it took about 2 weeks and posted as one transfer.

  12. I have 152k Wyndham points purchased through Daily Getaways and the “lucrative mileage opportunity courtesy of Wyndham promotion”.

    Using this promo I’ll be able to convert them into 90k US Airways points.

    The total cost was $435.69 or $0.00484 cpm.

  13. I actually paid attention to my math and did even better. 🙂

    Was going to do 5x30k and use 150k points. Instead did 19*8k and used 152k points.

    Cost is now a fraction better: $0.00478 cpm.

  14. I transferred my points from Wyndham on 4/3 and they already posted… pretty fast. Hopefully the bonus will post quickly too. I think my cost prom buying the points thru Daily Getaways is very similar to Andrew L’s.

  15. Has anyone tried the Marriott’s vacation packages and had the additional 50% US airways points tacked on?

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