Starwood improves their Gold and Platinum renewal gifts for 2013!

I’ve always found Starwood’s status renwal gifts to be a nice touch. Last year for requalifying for Platinum status I was given the option between a $25 Starwood award certificate and a six month Hulu Plus subscription. I went with the former.

This year they’ve stepped their game up even further, and are giving both Gold and Platinum members very attractive renewal gifts. It’s worth emphasizing that this is for 2013 status requalification. In other words, for the status that’s valid for 2014.

A friend just forwarded me her Platinum renewal email, with the following choices:

As you can see, the option is between 35% off a redemption or double Starpoints for a month of your choosing. The 35% discount on a redemption is valid for category one through six properties, for a stay of up to five nights.

Meanwhile the double Starpoints for a month gives you a range of three months which you can select from. Right now they’re June, July, and August, and I suspect they’ll be shifted back as we get later into the year.

Gold members also receive a renewal gift, and can choose between 25% off an award redemption (vs. 35% as a Platinum member) and double Starpoints for a month (though they can’t choose their month (vs. a choice of three months for Platinum members). It’s also worth noting that Gold members requalifying through credit card spend or an American Express Platinum card comp are ineligible.

Anyway, this is an awesome promotion, and the 25-35% off a redemption is especially lucrative. Keep in mind when you’re redeeming for free nights the fifth night is free, so you can basically stack the fifth night free and the 35% discount. Category six properties, for example, often go for 20,000 points per night. So five nights would cost 80,000 points, and then you’d get a discount of 28,000 points, bringing the cost down to 52,000 points for five nights, or just over 10,000 points per night. That’s an amazing value, in my opinion.

You should receive an email once you requalify, though otherwise you can check your eligibility for the promotion here.


  1. It makes sense, but should be noted that “requalifying” for Gold via holding the Amex Plat card is excluded from this program.

  2. @ ABC — The only thing that doesn’t qualify is if you earn Gold status by spending $30,000 on the Starwood American Express, or Gold status for having the American Express Platinum card. If you qualify for Gold status on nights or stays and the two stays/five nights from the credit card helped you get there, it still qualifies.

  3. Lucky,

    If I select double points do I get double points earned via my SPG AMEX card for the month?

  4. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing:

    If I didn’t qualify last year(I am preferred plus), but get to gold this year would I receive the benefit or is it only for renewals? Getting a 20k points refund for hitting gold would be great!


  5. Ummm…. I qualified Gold last year via SPG 30k spend, as well as this year. I got this gift… YMMV

  6. To add a data point to those wondering: I did a PLT challenge this Jan but then achieved PLT on nights (tons of work travel this year so far). Anyways, I’m a first time PLT and I qualified for the promotion and the full 35% off redemption.

  7. Does this specifically allow for combining the 35% off redemption with Fifth Night Free? Except for one case where SPG made a special exemption back in 2010, these deals can never be combined with Fifth Night Free — so you have to pay for the 5th night if you are going to use the 35% off (unless this is another special exception). Which means the 35% off is really only so exciting if you’re going to have a 3 or 4 night stay.

  8. Just got gold for the first time by qualifying stays (en route to qualifying for Plat on stays).
    Got emailed the gold offer. Wonder if I can use this now and then use the Plat one when I get around to earning plat.

  9. Thanks for the answer. I never received an e-mail and when I put my membership # in to register, it says I’m not eligible.

    If I become Gold in a few months, should I be able to register then, you think?

  10. Can the 35% off redemption be used for the Category 3 or 4 Nights and Flights redemption? Although not as big a discount as a 5 night Cat 6 redemption (80k to 52k), you can get 5 nights at a Cat 4 hotel plus 50k miles for only 46k instead of 70k points.

  11. I’ve been platinum for 3 years now and never received this email, and when I go to the site it says I’m not eligible. Last year I had 52 nights and 20-something stays (to qualify for 2013 platinum).


  12. @ Farhad — Keep in mind the above link is for those that have already requalified this year (not for those that requalified last year). Not sure why you wouldn’t have received the offer in the past, but I’d try the above link once you’ve requalified for this year.

  13. So are you saying it’s really a gift for those who qualify for platinum for the following year in the first few months of the current year. For example, those who hit 25 stays/50 nights from 1/1/13-now and have already earned platinum for 2014?

    That seems pretty crazy if that’s the case — 50 nights in 3 months? Seems high even for those consultants doing 4 days/week of hotel nights

  14. @ Farhad — Well the gift should be available all year, but yes it’s for those that requalify for the following year.

  15. @ lucky – I don’t think I am receiving email from SPG except for the bookings that I make (reservation confirmations). I did stay about 75 nights/year the last two years…I usually get the promotional links from reading your blog

  16. @ Newbie — Then I’d suggest coming back to the link in this post when you requalify, or otherwise signing up to receive promotional emails.

  17. Offer is valid for one award at Category 1–6 hotels and resorts for up to a five-night stay six months from when the member registered.

    Does this mean the stay itself has to occur within 6 months or I just need to book it within 6 months. I.e. can I book it for check in sep 2014.

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