Reminder: less than two days to make Hilton HHonors bookings under the old rates!

Several weeks ago Hilton announced an major unprecedented devaluation of their HHonors program, which kicks in for bookings made starting March 28, 2013. That means you have till tomorrow (Wednesday) night to make bookings at the old rates.

Anyway, if you still have a stash of Hilton points you want to redeem in the next couple of days, check out this post for the best uses of HHonors points under the current award chart, and this post for details of how you can actually make bookings using HHonors points up to two years in advance. And of course if you have any questions I can help with, let me know in the comments section below!

Keep in mind that while these changes suck, it’s aspirational properties that are being impacted most. For mid level properties the changes aren’t horrible, as many properties will remain in the same category. So I wouldn’t necessarily burn points just for the sake of burning them. But if you’re looking to redeem your points for a stay at the Conrads in Hong Kong, Koh Samui, The Maldives, or Tokyo, for example, now is the time to do it.

I’m actually writing this post from the Conrad Koh Samui, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the property a little later today, since I realize about half of you are probably headed here in the coming year.

Conrad Koh Samui


  1. So for the Conrad Koh Samui – quick impression… worth it as an aspirational property? Also, was it decided that one can (safely) book more than a year out for Conrads? (I know it can be done, but is the general consensus that it’s a good enough idea or more that YMMV?)

  2. @ points loverrrrrrr — Yes, I’d say worth it as an aspirational property. Lots more a bit later on it, including several pictures. I do think you can safely book more than a year out at this point.

  3. There’s some concern on flyertalk about whether reservations made after 365 days out will be honored – I called in to the diamond desk for an axon award, and the operator said she could do, but the award certificate would be expired when I showed up. Any thoughts or other information?

  4. I actually booked 4 nights at Conrad Maldives using AXON a couple of days ago – 145k vs what will become 380k HHonors points for the same award? I’ll take that every day, any day…

  5. What is Hilton’s policy on changing dates? Can I make a speculative booking, then change the dates later on with no penalty?

  6. Many Waldorf properties are lowering rates post Mar 28 for most months, like the Grand Wailea Maui. I wrote a quick post about it on my blog.

    All inclusive resorts are not changing redemption values!

    Many other big name properties like the Rome Cavalieri is only increasing by 10k in most months! So for those of us that can’t make speculative bookings, we still will have many great options. I’m holding onto my 300k points for now…

  7. Ben- The Citi Hilton Reserve 2 free weekend certificates do not have to be booked before March 28. Can you post that info somewhere. People have made so many speculative weekend bookings at high end hotels. I’ve noticed many weekday nights are available but the weekends are booked. I think it is because of confusion over these Citi weekend cert.

  8. If you are looking to burn points there is a lot of Hilton availability in Chicago during Lollapalooza still. Not as great as some other redemption options, but I can’t fit in a trip to the Maldives anytime soon.

  9. Hey lucky!
    Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up! I just booked 3 nights at the Conrad Punta del Este for Easter next year. I thought about New Year’s Eve 2015, but that seems too far ahead for me (New Year’s 2014 and Carnival 2014 are already fully booked). That was the best I could do living in South America….
    Keep up the great work!

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