Hilton unveils details of second quarter promotion — 1,000 bonus points per weeknight, and 2,000 bonus points per weekend night

Hilton has just unveiled the details of their second quarter promotion, which runs from April 1 through June 30, 2013. Through this promotion they’re offering 2,000 bonus HHonors points per weekend night and 1,000 bonus HHonors points per weeknight stay. Weekends are defined as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, and in the Middle East as Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Fortunately all hotels are participating in this promotion, which isn’t always the case with Hilton promotions.

Registration is required prior to check-out to qualify.

Given the drop in the value of HHonors points as a result of the devaluation I don’t find this promotion especially enticing, though it’s not awful either.

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  1. Wow, this is the first quarterly promo in a good while that hasn’t had a long list of hotels opting out. If this is a result of the devaluation, then maybe it wasn’t all so bad. The HH hotels that I frequent have opted-out for the past 3 quarters 🙁

  2. If I use a cash + points rate, would I still be eligible for these bonus points? I’m assuming no but I figured I’d ask.

  3. @ Dave — Unfortunately not. It’s only valid on paid bookings not using points (even cash & points).

  4. This is a departure from the part policies. I have booked cat 1 properties at 7500 points in the past and have got 1000 points back.

  5. I’m not going to complain. This tacks an extra 10k points onto the little vacation the wife and I already had planned.

  6. Great. @1,000 bonus points per weeknight, all it takes is 80 nights to stock up enough bonus points for a night at the HK Conrad, in their lowest category of room. Luckily the promotion runs 90 days! 😉

  7. Not bad… 10K pts a week. The double points has actually been a bit better than that most weeks but I’m happy that it is tied to nights not stays.

  8. Net refund of $4-8 (figuring on a 0.4 cent value per point on HHonors).

    I think this is the wave of the future- Hilton trying to use promos to drive traffic on slack periods with low corporate traffic (weekends, holidays). We’ll see how that goes…

  9. @ Lucky and Dave — Reward stays are typically eligible to earn these promotional bonuses at Hilton’s full service brands, so long as you incur some (small) incidental charge to trigger standard points earnings.

    Per the promotion T&Cs:
    “Members may earn Bonus Points for incidental charges at participating hotels within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio during a Reward Stay, provided such charges are deemed eligible folio charges, this does not apply to incidental charges for stays at Hampton, Home2 Suites or Homewood Suites.”

  10. I would bet they got a lot of complaints about non participators, especially when people called into hhonors asking where their bonus points were and had long stays expecting a lot of points. I bet a lot of consolation points were given. In the future, call in, play dumb and ask where your points are if you stay at a non participator. I hope this new way stays.

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