Starwood offering up to a 25% discount on the purchase of Starpoints through April 30, 2013!

Through April 30, 2013, Starwood is offering up to a 25% discount on the purchase of Starpoints, as follows:

• Buy 500–6,500 Starpoints: SAVE 15%
• Buy 7,000–12,500 Starpoints: SAVE 20%
• Buy 13,000–20,000 Starpoints: SAVE 25%

The normal cost per purchased Starpoint is 3.5 cents, so through this promotion you can purchase up to 20,000 Starpoints at a discounted rate of $525, which is 2.625 cents per Starpoint. You can only purchase a maximum of 20,000 Starpoints per account per calendar year, though keep in mind you can transfer Starpoints between accounts in the same household (though they make you prove you live in the same household nowadays, so you can’t play games) if you’d like to go beyond that limit.

Is this a cost at which I’d speculatively purchase Starpoints? Probably not. In some cases it could make sense to do so for hotel redemptions if you have a specific use in mind and the math works out. Also keep in mind that you can transfer Starpoints to dozens of airline partners at a 1:1 ratio, and you get a 25% bonus for every 20,000 Starpoints transferred. That means if you purchase 20,000 Starpoints you can convert them into 25,000 miles, which is 2.1 cents per mile. That’s probably not an amazing deal for most mileage currencies, but there are some cases in which this can make sense. For example, if you want to book an Emirates award through Japan Airlines, they have very few mileage transfer partners other than Starwood. They charge 85,000 miles for roundtrip business class between New York and Dubai on Emirates, so at 2.1 cents per mile, that’s roughly $1,800 for a business class ticket — not bad!

It’s worth noting that Starwood processes points purchases through, so you don’t earn bonus points for credit card purchases as if this were hotel spend.


  1. Thanks Lucky, as crazy as it sounds I am looking to blow my Hilton points in the Maldives and will be about 15k SPG points of being able to do 2 tickets JFK-MLE in Emirates suites. Ur timing couldn’t be more perfect. But only dates that line up for Hilton and Emirates are conflicting with FTUDC! 1st world problems… I’m sure I can make it work later this month when more space opens up…

  2. Lucky, I LOVE your blog and please excuse my nitpicking comment: please don’t use exclamation points in the headlines of your individual posts unless you really, really believe it’s a good deal.

    As I read this, this is a “meh”–it might be worth it depending on your situation, but probably not. Please continue to report this info in your blog, but save your exclamation points for the really special news.

  3. Hi ben,

    Another question related buying miles and points. I just Shaw the offer of united 40% extra on buying miles. For 2257usd i would get 100k miles. I would like to buy the now travel next year. My question: what’s the validity of them? They expire after a year?

  4. Initially, I was struck by the “book Emirates A380 1st class via JA” lightning, but very soon after, seeing how many people there should be in my household, in order to make a pair of round trip tickets come true, I gave up. Oh well.

  5. @ Karl — They don’t expire as long as there’s at least some activity on the account every 18 months.

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