Free $5 Starbucks credit for joining their rewards program by March 14!

Through Thursday, March 14, Starbucks is offering new members of their rewards program a $5 credit. To take advantage of this offer just buy a Starbucks gift card with a minimum of $5 value (you can pick it up at a store, or I recommend picking one up at an office supply store and paying with a Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus card for 5x points) and then register it online. The $5 credit should post to your account within 24 hours.

While I’m not going to even try to argue Starbucks’ coffe is good, they do have a decent rewards program. After 30 transactions you get Gold status, and once you’re a Gold member you get a free drink or snack after every 12 swipes using your card. You can maximize this by splitting up any purchases you make into multiple transactions. For example, if you’re picking up four coffees have them all run separately, and that counts as four swipes towards the 12 needed for a free drink or snack.

(Tip of the hat to PointChaser)


  1. If you already have an account, just sign up for a new one with a new email address. Once the $5 posts, go into a store and transfer the balance onto your normally used (probably Gold) card so you don’t miss out on stars towards free drinks!

  2. Your analysis of the starbucks points system is fascinating and hilarious being read on a airline miles and points blog. THAT should be MMS’ satirical post days. Focus on the programs that nobody would be gaming so heavily! Then write them completely seriously.

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