Seattle blog meetup on Sunday, March 17!

Scott (from Hack My Trip) and I will be hosting a meetup for those in Seattle (whether you’re a local or just flying in for the weekend). It’ll be on Sunday, March 17 at 6:30PM at Quinn’s Pub in Capitol Hill. If you’re interested in attending please leave a comment here or on his blog post with the number of guests so a large enough reservation can be made.

Hope to see lots of you there!


  1. passing through this weekend on way to San Juans, too bad it isn’t this week, could of stopped in.

  2. But wait, if enough of you live near Portland, we can organize one here!! I would be glad to organize it if there is enough interest.

  3. I am in for one in Portland! Not going to be able to make Seattle on a Sunday, unfortunately

  4. Yes, another vote for Portland, at least we have real beer here, something a German national must respect.

  5. I will be there! I am still asking a friend who are a flying freak so will update about him.

  6. For Portlanders, some “schooling” might be appropriate. As in, McMenimins Kennedy School!

  7. Food at Quinn’s sounds great (see the menu). Wine a bit pricy. Go for the Trappist.

    I would love to come up there because it rains sometimes. It no longer rains in Texas. Ever.

    I’m waiting for a meetup in Austin, Texas. Oh,damn! I’ve blown my cover! Now everyone can guess where AUSTEX lives.

  8. Darn, will still be in Asia that weekend. You’re going to drive in Capitol Hill? Good luck!

  9. Oh there will be more of these meet-up’s! While I can’t make it this time, I would love to join next time.

  10. Will be in SEA that weekend. Will join you if I can reschedule another appt – looking forward to it :-).

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