Fascinating video about a British Airways 747 D-check!

Reader David passes along this amazing documentary about a D-check being carried out on a British Airways 747:

I thought I knew my fair share about how aircraft maintenance works, though I had no clue D-checks were this detailed and that they more or less rebuild the aircraft over a five week period. While it’s a long documentary, it’s well worth watching if you’re an airplane nerd.


  1. That was great. Now I’m even more excited for my first trip in BA F and it’s just a week away. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have done many projects for aircraft maintenance and probably watched all the big aircraft stripped naked including some of the bigger airforce aircraft. Trust me its not at all fascinating when you realize you might be flying in a broken aircraft.
    The aircraft maintenance rules says if you see something broken, fix it and the reason why airlines don’t want the maintenance companies to look around too much. The bill goes high too quick

  3. Watched this a few months ago. Absolutely amazing 🙂

    For fellow aviation geeks: National Geographic also produces fascinating documentaries. There are several others as well which can be searched on youtube. These include the manufacturing of A380, B747 etc.

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