American business class fare sale between Los Angeles and Sao Paulo, from $2,200 all-in!

While I can’t say Sao Paulo interests me that much as a destination (while I’d love to visit Rio de Janeiro!), I’ve really been wanting to fly there in order to get a ride on American’s new 777-300ER, featuring their new first and business class.

A couple of days ago LAN published a business class fare sale for travel between the US and South America, and it looks like American is matching it, with availability wide open for travel through mid-June.

I see fares between Los Angeles and Sao Paulo for ~$2,200 all-in roundtrip. American already has their 777-300ER on Dallas to Sao Paulo, and as of April 11, 2013, New York to Sao Paulo will also get daily 777-300ER service.

This is a great way to experience American’s new business class, and keep in mind that you can use systemwide upgrades (Executive Platinum members earn eight of them per year) to confirm an upgrade to first class, even on a discounted business class fare. Given how limited award space seems to be in the new first class, this is just about the most economical option I’ve seen for experiencing it.


  1. @ Jim — Pulled them up just now. Are you sure you’re looking for travel before mid-June between LAX and GRU?

  2. do you know why they put the new planes on routes a third world country? i would expect them to have them on NY-LON or other routes where the real money is and where there is much more competition, no? how can they compete against European airlines with their old planes?

  3. TAM has that fare on JFK-GIG in bz on the A330

    On a similar note, what do you think about airline consolidators for South American flights, Ben?

  4. “as of April 11, 2013, New York to Sao Paulo will also get daily 777-300ER service”
    How do you know which segments the new 777-300ERs will service? What will the first transatlantic trip be?

  5. @ Lantean Brazil a third world country?? Seriously? What a dumbass statement. As a matter of fact it is the fastest growing economy in the world.

  6. Third World was coined not to describe an underdeveloped country but a country not aligned with US/EU or China/Russia. It used to be called the non-aligned countries and Brazil and many other South American countries used to pay lip service to the organization.
    The reality is that Third World is an obsolete term especially since there is so much money in those countries and most likely many people can afford to pay for premium travel – maybe as much as NY-LON route

  7. Ummm, how about $388 r/t ai to GIG from MCO on AA through either MIA, DFW or JFK…dates wide open. Just booked for end of April!!!

    Could be the MR deal of the year thus far.

  8. Back on topic, you have never been to Rio??? One of the most (if not the most) beautiful city I have ever visited, The people are stunning, too!

  9. Sao Paulo is my favorite restaurant city in the world. A business city for sure, but worth it for a couple of nights.

  10. Ok guys calm down. I am Brazilian and by no means it is the fastest growing country in the world, chile has been kicking our backs for decades. But this guy Lantean might have taken a trip (with miles) with George McFly to the past when people used the term “third world”.

    I agree with Carl, Sao Paulo is indeed one of the top restaurant cities in the world (the Pizza there is just AMAZING), the nightlife is mind blowing (though better with some locals), and it is a short trip from Rio or the Iguaçu falls if you REALLY like natural landscape.

  11. @ Philipp — You really think I haven’t seen it yet? Do you have any clue how obsessed I am with that show? 😀

  12. Ok I understand, as I am as well.

    Now that you know the dark side of Rio, this might make you go for this trip:

  13. @ Michael — There’s no need to overnight, you can otherwise take the redeye from LAX to JFK — that itinerary is just an example.

  14. To Lucky, I’m an expat journalist and one of your Sao Paulo-based readers. If you do make a GRU trip feel free to email me in advance. I can set you up with some touristy ideas, and we can do dinner.

  15. @ Brazilflyer — Thanks, would love to meet up if I make it there!

    @ Erik — It seems to still be around, though unfortunately there’s a seven day minimum that I didn’t originally see (or that was later added, one or the other). Sorry!

  16. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of Sao Paulo or Brazil, GRU is an abomination. While in queue at security one evening, a Brazilian businessman turned around to several of the other pax and described GRU as a “national embarrasment.” His words.

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