LAN’s business class fare sale between the US and South America!

LAN is running a business class fare sale for tickets purchased by February 25, 2013.

The all-in roundtrip fares include the following:

Out of Los Angeles:

  • Sao Paulo $2,199
  • Buenos Aires $2,999
  • Santiago $3,499

Out of Miami:

  • Punta Cana $499
  • Quito $699
  • Guayaquil $699
  • Bogota $699
  • Caracas $899
  • Lima $1,299
  • Santiago $2,199
  • Buenos Aires $2,199

Out of New York:

  • Quito $999
  • Lima $2,199
  • Montevideo $2,699
  • Buenos Aires $2,999
  • Mendoza $2,999
  • Santiago $3,499

Out of San Francisco:

  • Sao Paulo $2,198
  • Lima $2,199
  • Buenos Aires $2,999
  • Santiago $2,999

The basic fare rules are that a 14 day advance purchase and a minimum stay of three days at the destination are required. To qualify for these fares travel must begin by June and be complete by December 15, 2013.

While I don’t think the fares out of Los Angeles or San Francisco are amazing, some of the fares out of New York and Miami are worth considering, in my opinion. LAN’s entire longhaul fleet boasts a fully flat business class product, so it’s probably the most comfortable way to get to South America. Unfortunately their 787s are grounded at the moment, or else this would be a great way to fly the Dreamliner as well.

(Tip of the hat to Miles from Blighty)


  1. Before BA converted to Avios, we did the whole Easter Island award thing on LAN Business Class, really enjoyed all 4 segments, the seat, food, and service were all exceptional.

  2. For those looking to visit Galapagos… this is an amazing sale, you can buy a business class ticket to Guayaquil cheaper then you’d normally pay for coach. From Guayaquil it’s just an 1.5 hr flight to Baltra… fairly cheap if bought in advance. If I had more vacay time I would go on this trip again!

  3. @ beachfan — Yes, both, since they’re part of OneWorld.

    @ Jon — Hmm, fare rules say flights have to be operated by LAN. Are the AA segments domestic only, or for longhaul flights as well?

  4. @lucky – the AA segments are both domestic and longhaul. For example, see MIA-LIM. I see nonstop flights “Operated by LAN PERU and marketed by LAN” and “Operated by AMERICAN AIRLINES and marketed by LAN”.

  5. AA actually has better availability on some of these fares in mid-summer. Great deal to Bogota where the economy fare is only about $30 less in July.

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