US Airways offering targeted bonuses on purchased miles this month

US Airways seems to offer a bonus on purchased miles just about every month lately, and this month is no exception. Sometimes they’re straightforward and open to everyone, sometimes they’re more complicated tiered bonuses, and sometimes they’re targeted. Last month there was a targeted 100% bonus on purchased miles for those that had purchased Dividend Miles last year. This month the bonus seems targeted again, with different people receiving different offers.

I received the following targeted offer:

So that’s a 100% bonus on purchased miles, and seems to be because I have a US Airways Mastercard. Even some without US Airways’ co-branded credit card are reporting receiving the same offer, while others report only getting offered a 50% bonus. If you log into the Dividend Miles “Buy Miles” page you should be able to see which offer you’re targeted for based on your account, if any.

If you’re targeted for the 100% bonus that means miles end up costing ~1.88 cents each including tax. And there’s the usual cap of 100,000 miles (50,000 miles plus the 50,000 mile bonus).

This can be a great deal if you have a specific mileage redemption in mind, and can be an even better deal if you’re just topping off a mileage account. Flying from the US to North Asia via Europe costs just 90,000 miles in business class, so if you outright buy those miles through this promotion (assuming you’re targeted) you’ll pay $1,700, which is really good. As a matter of fact I’m typing this post from a Turkish flight where I’m on exactly that kind of award. 😀


  1. I think I know the answer is the one I won’t like, but it’s worth asking. I was targeted for this but my wife was not. She has a 0 mile balance and no Dividend Miles CC. Can I buy the max for myself and then gift the max to her account? Have you seen any reports on past offers where someone has been able to do that? Or is it just a straight cap on 50k worth of total bonus miles for this promo?

  2. @ autolycus — Yep, that should work! Typically you can both purchase and gift the maximum number of miles.

  3. Flew using 60K for J class SEA-FCO via PHL. I used the shared miles offer in Oct. 2012. Cost: $880.00 R/T. Now that’s a bargain! The transatlantic was an aging 767 with old Envoy seats, food marginal, IFE mediocre, service rushed. But the space, included food/drinks, ability to sleep, lounge access and generous free bag allowance is what counts. Finally, don’t care to transit PHL hub mainly for cumbersome connection process, WX and rudeness reasons. Hopefully with a AA merger that will change. So long Citay of Brotherly Love.

  4. This seems to be a “cheaper” way of purchasing (future) AAdavantage miles than buying them directly from AA under their current promotion (which you’ve reviewed)

  5. Does it ever occur to you that this really is an offer for the new merger and that this deal trumps the AA deal being offered? Or what do you think will happen to all your USAIR miles when they merge?

  6. I bought miles last month without targeted offer and did not get the bonus miles. Any way that I can successfully receive the bonus offer? Also, briefly tell me how to buy and gift miles for my minor child as the authorized user on my account. She has the card but not the account.

  7. @ Michael — Sorry, not sure I follow. If a merger happens it’ll be months before you can transfer miles between airlines, so if someone has a semi-immediate use for travel with either alliance it still makes sense to purchase miles in the respective programs. And the merger isn’t a done deal either.

    @ globe trotter — Unfortunately I doubt they’ll issue you any miles retroactively.

  8. @Lucky,
    I think last time (last year end) US Air offered 100% bonus for gifted miles (e.g., give miles to other family members) that reduced the cost to slightly more than $0.01. Am I right? Are they offering the same deal again now?

  9. @ Andy — You’re thinking of the “share miles” promotion and not the “gift miles” promotion, which is different. “Gift miles” just means you’re purchasing miles for someone else’s account, while “gift miles” means you’re transferring miles to someone else’s account.

  10. Lucky – for the 90K Business class to North Asia, any way US Airways would allow a stopover in London on route to Soeul, South Korea? I know it’s not a hub, but it’s a big focal point in Europe so maybe?

  11. @ Dale — You’re allowed a stopover at a Star Alliance hub OR US Airways international gateway city, so you would be allowed a stopover in London if you wanted.

  12. @Lucky,
    Thanks for correcting me. You are right. I meant, “share miles”, i.e., giving my miles to another family member.

    Did US Airways give 100% bonus miles for share miles last year end so that it reduces the cost to slightly over 1 cent per mile, assuming that I share 50,000 miles to earn 50,000 bonus miles (recipient account will get total 100,000 miles) while paying the share miles cost? If so, is this promotion offered again this time?

  13. @ Andy — That’s correct, that’s how the promotion was offered last year (a 100% bonus on shared miles). This bonus hasn’t been offered again so far this year, unfortunately.

  14. @Lucky,
    Thanks a lot for correcting me.

    I do not have an immediate need for US Airways miles but I like AA miles because it is much easier to fly international flight on AA (than on delta). After reading your analysis on possible AA/US Air merger, I get a feeling that US Air miles may eventually be converted into AA miles if the merger happens. That is why I am interested in US Airways “share miles” (with 100% bonus) if it could be offered again now. Could you please advise whether my bet is reasonable?

  15. @ Andy — If it happens it’s worth taking advantage of either way. But both that and the merger is anyone’s guess.

  16. @ E — Both American and US Airways have been selling miles pretty aggressively lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue.

  17. Are we allowed to buy and gift miles with the bonus in separate transactions? For example buy 25k for myself and receive the bonus and do the same for gifting in another transaction to get that person the bonus.

  18. Also, when redeeming miles, does the full amount need to be in the account for the 5k cc discount to apply? 85k for north asia business


  19. @ E — The 5K discount only applies if all travel is on US Airways, so since US Airways doesn’t fly to North Asia I think that’s a moot point.

  20. Oh thanks, did not know that. Would the full amount need to be in there for us airways redemption then? 35k Europe off peak for example.

  21. Hi lucky, Ive been flying aa awards for a while and starting to try some new cc’s to accumulate miles to try LH or 90,000 miles to asia via IST or 100,000 to europe, are those round trip or one way on US dividends.

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