Priority Club unveils new PointBreaks list for stays through March 31, 2013!

Priority Club has unveiled a new PointBreaks list, valid for stays through March, 2013. Through PointBreaks, select hotels are available for just 5,000 Priority Club points per night, which are worth roughly $35.

The only hotel that really jumps out at me is the InterContinental Fiji. I’ve been wanting to visit Fiji so am extremely tempted to take advantage of this, though burning 125,000 AAdvantage miles for business class on Air Pacific just seems like a painful value proposition. I’ll work on dates, though, and might just pull the trigger on it.

If you have upcoming travels it’s always worth checking the list to see if any properties on the list overlap with where you need to be, as this represents some amazing savings. These stays are typically refundable and space at the better properties tends to disappear quickly, so I wouldn’t delay in making a booking.


  1. Isn’t Air Pacific going to receive new Airbus plane with new business class seats in next few months? I heard the garden view room in this property is a dumped though.

  2. I flew Air Pacific to Fiji and I don’t recall the business class seats being too bad. Then again, it was my first time in business class — now that I’ve flown US Airways Envoy, Cathay Pacific and LAN, I’d probably find it disappointing.

  3. Right now it’s showing through Jan 31 on Oceania and many other zones. It’s not currently updated.
    Also, the IC Fiji is a joke in many ways – mostly service but it’s designed with the club rooms and suites FAR away from the beach and the standard rooms on the beach. But the main thing is that it’s down away from Fiji’s smaller islands where the great snorkeling is. It’s like going to NYC and exploring Newark.

  4. “These stays are typically refundable and space at the better properties tends to disappear quickly, so I wouldn’t delay in making a booking.”

    Hmmmmm. I wonder why space disappears so quickly? Actually I don’t. The greedy ones among us go ahead and reserve the entire 2 months in all the decent hotels “just in case” they might use them, thus quickly taking them off the market for others who may actually be able to use them. And people really wonder why PC allows such lenient cancelation policies on these pointbreaks? Heck, all these quick, speculative bookings are doing them a huge favor when they know full well most of these bookings are are never going to be used and thus they will never actually have to cough up these rooms for 5,000 points. They aren’t dumb. They know they can depend on the greedy among us. Especially when it comes to the miles/points population.

  5. @ Mac — Probably missing something but how do you burn 120K Delta miles for business class to Fiji? :p

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