Lufthansa no longer offering complimentary Kempinski dayroom for first class passengers

One of Lufthansa’s cool ground services was that as a first class passenger in transit at either Frankfurt or Munich you could get a complimentary dayroom at the Hotel Kempinski.

This was pretty handy when flying from the US to Asia via Europe, whereby a lot of flights arrive from the US in the early morning and leave for Asia late at night.

In Munich the Hotel Kempinski was literally connected to the terminal and was a modern hotel, while in Frankfurt it was about a 20 minute drive (they used to offer free transfers, though stopped that mid-last year), and was decorated as modern as my grandma’s house in 1960.

MHotel Kempinski

Anyway, it appears as if unfortunately their contract with Lufthansa hasn’t been renewed for 2013, and this service is no longer listed on the arrivals services page.

As much as that’s sad news, I can definitely see why. The competition wasn’t offering day rooms, and there are very few cases where you’d logically be traveling on Lufthansa through Frankfurt or Munich and be forced to have a long layover.

(Tip of the hat to Peter)


  1. Just broke this sad news to someone yesterday. Biggest loss I think for folks flying to Europe on Lufthansa and connecting to a late flight on another carrier e.g. Thai. Since the onward connection — even in F — doesn’t entitle passenger to use of First Class Lounge/Terminal. So now instead of a sleep at the Kempinski, they’re relegated to the SEN lounge.

  2. @ Gary — Hmmm, since when do you not get FCL access when arriving same day on Lufthansa and connecting to another carrier?

  3. No competition? Doesn’t Turkish offer the same?

    (In fact, even for Economy passengers if the transfer is >4 hours and there is no other flight in the meantime)

  4. That service did come in very handy for me. A couple of years ago I took the IAD-MUC-BKK combo on LH and TG. I came down with a cold pretty much as I was waiting in the lounge at IAD. I was exhausted and not feeling great by the time we got to MUC. Having a comfy (complimentary) room to get some rest in was very much welcomed. IIRC they told me I had to be out by 6 PM so I spent a couple of hours at the FCL. Which has a couple of relaxation rooms which I took advantage of.

  5. @ Xandrios — Sorry, when I said “no competition” I meant in terms of western European airlines. In how many markets in which they’d offer a day room does Lufthansa really compete with Turkish? Also, Turkish doesn’t even have first class, so I really don’t think it’s the same set of customers.

  6. Too bad. As you said, though, the day room isn’t the most consistently useful perk. Last year I spent an extra day in MUC just to break up the journey, and so I had to pay for the hotel anyway. The Kempinski was wonderful – spacious, comfortable rooms.

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