Air France updates the terms of their Flying Blue Gold status match offer

A few days ago I wrote about Air France status matching to Gold in their Flying Blue program for equivalent elite members in other programs. Live from a Lounge notes that they’ve updated the terms of this status match offer.

First they’ve updated the expiration date of the offer from May 30, 2013, to February 28, 2013.

And then they’ve also updated the terms to say that it’s only valid for Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian residents, as those are the only members that seem to be targeted. In practice being a “resident” of one of those countries usually translates to simply having an address there, which isn’t too hard to do. That being said Flying Blue Gold isn’t worth a whole lot, so I can’t imagine many circumstances under which this is worth the effort.

Still, you’d think they could have just had the terms correct to begin with…


  1. Ya it would have been nice if they got it right the first time. These changes certainly make it less enticing to go the extra mile and apply for the status match. Oh well

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