And the winner of 10,000 Membership Rewards points is…

I just flew on Emirates from Singapore to Dubai, and decided to run a little giveaway for those of you that wanted to “play along.” While the flight ended up being an utter failure on my part, I was sober enough to record the answers to the questions, surprisingly. As a reminder, I’m giving 10,000 Membership Rewards points to whoever first correctly guessed the sum of the correct answers to the below questions.

Here are the correct answers:

  • The number of times I’m addressed by name on the flight / Answer: 1 (by the purser when being presented my menu)
  • The number of hot towels I’m served throughout the flight/ Answer: 2 (once during boarding and once before landing)
  • The number of languages spoken by the crew (which is usually announced at the beginning of the flight) / Answer: 12
  • The number of times I’m served drinks or they’re topped off / Answer: 17

So if my math is correct, that makes the correct answer 32.

That was first guessed by Matt S in the fifth comment. Congrats, Matt, and I’ll be in touch shortly regarding the points!


  1. Congrats to Matt S but…but the booze aside, sounds like a bit underwhelming that in international FC you were only addressed once by name and only offered 2 hot towels. Yes, #firstworldproblems and whatnot, but you expect more from an airlines of EK’s caliber. Janeses must be laughing really hard somewhere…

  2. Wow! What a great surprise to see this. Thanks again for all your information on this blog and for the opportunity to enter contests.

  3. instead of pure guesses I suggest the answer be based on understanding of the different elements of service. Thus the right answer would be the one closest to the square root of the sum of the differences squared. Might be tough though after a few tequilas and Krug/Dom!

  4. ” Next week I will be giving away 250,000 SPG Points!”

    Holly Molly! That’s $3000+ in airfare or 8-10 nights in a category 7 hotel.

  5. @vijay, I would throw some imaginary numbers in the requirements as well. A square root of -1 always lightens up my day.

  6. I’m not surprised by the number of languages spoken by EK FA on your flight! From all the EK flights I’ve flown, the minimum number of languages the cabin crew spoke was 10.
    Hopefully you were awake for most of the DXB-LHR flight so the FA had more opportunities to address you by name 🙂

  7. @ wwk5d — LOL, I tend to agree.

    @ Lucky — Faker, that’s not me. C’mon now. Sorry folks, no 250K Starpoints.

    @ ffi — So if I were sober you would have been able to verify the answers somehow? I recorded the answers so they’re accurate, and the friend I was traveling with confirmed.

    @ vijay p @ Miguel — ROFL!

  8. @Scott – that’s pretty damaging to your already worthless reputation to suggest Ben would do something like that. Maybe gain a little credibility before you spout lies.

    But I guess it’s hard to build credibility when you’re a liar…with a direct link back to your arrogant, pretentious blog. By the way, it’d be helpful if you started a blog with 1.) original content and 2.) actually had experience in this field.

    Don’t walk up to the plate if you’re not ready to hit.

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