Who wants to shower with me? No one, that’s why I’m giving away 10,000 Membership Rewards points…

As frequent readers of the blog know, back in December I flew Emirates first class from London to Dubai with only a couple of hours advance notice, and it was probably my ultimate travel “high.”

And while the shower was quite possibly the coolest thing ever, that’s not what I enjoyed most about the experience. What I liked most was the wifi, so I could share the experience with you guys live. That was a blast. I had made the following posts during my travels:

Is British Airways first class the world’s best business class product?
The story behind how I ended up in Emirates Airbus 380 first class…
The most, gaudy, obnoxious, and awesome f*&^$&# flight of my life!

Anyway, in about 12 hours I’ll be flying Emirates first class on the Airbus 380 again, and I’m really looking forward to doing it all again, from the shower to using the wifi to share my experiences.

I’ll be blogging, Tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking, so if you’d like to follow along be sure we’re “connected” in all places:

But I figured I’d take it one stop further and run a little giveaway for 10,000 Membership Rewards points, though I’m still open to ideas on how to do this (I try to run the blog as more of a democracy than anything else).

My general idea was this — once I take off I’ll post a link to my Flightaware, and whoever first guesses the sum of the following correctly while I’m still in the air wins 10,000 Membership Rewards points:

  • The number of times I’m addressed by name on the flight
  • The number of hot towels I’m served throughout the flight
  • The number of languages spoken by the crew (which is usually announced at the beginning of the flight)
  • The number of times I’m served drinks or they’re topped off

Anyway, would love some feedback on possible other “metrics” I can add to the above for fun.

Am totally open to ideas over the next 12 hours, and will post the official entry thread once I’m airborne.

Thanks, and safe/enjoyable travels!


  1. I don’t think there’s a number that can cover the amount of times your drink is topped off/refilled in First or Suites.

  2. I’d like to know the nationality of the pilot. I love hearing English from the Captain on a foreign flagged carrier.

  3. Love to join in but I’ll be on SQ1 in my own suite 🙂 unless they have the wifi up I will be out.. Have fun!

  4. Ill be following along for sure!

    Just some wacky ideas
    How long you sleep for?
    How many times go to the bathroom?
    How many seats occupied?

  5. We are a near miss again. I will be in Dubai next weekend. Heading to the Islands in the gulf this week. Enjoy the trip.

  6. Hmmm… I imagine it’ll be rather difficult for you to verify any estimates as to the number of times you’re addressed by name/hot towels/servings of drinks while you’re still in the air and there surely are more to come up until you leave the plane!

    Unless, of course, you plan on simply waiting until your favourite fan’s guess has been reached and declaring them winner! 😛

  7. @ Ben — I’ll keep a piece of paper handy and add a slash every time a number in each category is fulfilled. The winner would only be announced upon landing.

  8. I suggest a category for spontaneous fits of giggling while thinking, “I’m showering. On a plane!”

  9. Great idea! Now I know what I’ll be doing with my Saturday morning –> obsessively monitoring the comments section and trying to out guess everyone else. 🙂

  10. @lucky – My bad, misread you as saying that you’d be announcing the winner while blogging from 30,000 feet! Although you could still do that if you picked your categories accordingly.

    Perhaps we should do a poll on what to guess, being all democratic and such… 😉

  11. a) The number of times I’m addressed by name on the flight
    You’ll lose track – but it will be at least 8
    b) The number of hot towels I’m served throughout the flight
    3 = pre take-off, pre meal (both times)
    c) The number of languages spoken by the crew 5 – English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and German
    d)The number of times I’m served drinks or they’re topped off
    8 – including the water refills while you are sleeping!

  12. @ Kai — Nope, can transfer points to anyone’s partner loyalty program account (though it has to be a US Membership Rewards transfer partner).

  13. 1. Number of times being adresed.

    2. hot towels

    answers- 2

    3. language by crew

    answer- 3

    4. water refills

    5 1/2

  14. ‘One Shower at a Time’ returns! First the HK lounge and now back on Emirates… We want a water pressure report!

  15. I have flown Emirates in F a few times and although very nice, by far not the best experience out there. I chuckle every time I see you posting about EK F, like a kid in a candy store, you seem out to get enough of showering and bling suites. You have flown so many carriers and yet still you get excited like a little kid? It is cute in a way….. Is it because EK is generally not in reach for you as an award booking (i.e. mileage award?). I know, Alaska and Japan Airlines enable you to book, but obviously not as easy as booking with your UA or AA miles (via CC churn). Nonetheless, enjoy your experience, great value flying ex CMB. Hope you’ll giveus some background on what you booked and what it costed you.

  16. …on another note, your 787 adventure later this month might be in jeopardy with the birds being grounded! Any back up plan?

  17. @ Ken — Only one of my flights was operated by a 787, so not too worried. Worst case scenario I’ll have an old 767 for that segment.

  18. a) The number of times I’m addressed by name on the flight = 13
    b) The number of hot towels I’m served throughout the flight = 4
    c) The number of languages spoken by the crew = 6
    d)The number of times I’m served drinks or they’re topped off = 11

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