Reminder: only a few days left for the 30% Membership Rewards transfer bonus to British Airways

Since early December the US American Express Membership Rewards program has been running a 30% transfer bonus to British Airways Executive Club. This promotion runs through Monday, January 14, so if you’d like to take advantage of this you only have a few more days to do so.

This isn’t the best transfer bonus we’ve seen to British Airways. For most of September of 2012 Membership Rewards offered a 40% transfer bonus to British Airways, and for March through May of 2012 they offered a 50% transfer bonus to British Airways.

I’m sure we’ll see similar transfer bonuses again in the future so I wouldn’t necessarily speculatively make a transfer just to take advantage of this. That being said, it could be a few months (or longer) before we see another transfer bonus, so if you think you’ll have a short term need for Avios, it might make sense to transfer some points.

British Airways Avios really have grown on me, and there are lots of great uses for them which I covered in the previous post. These include transatlantic travel on Air Berlin and Aer Lingus without fuel surcharges, travel to South America on American or LAN, and amazing value on domestic awards, including Hawaii.


  1. @lucky

    Thanks for the quick response it was very much of a help!

    is there a limit on how many transfers i can initiate in one day or any other period? because i want to transfer to multiple BA accounts.

  2. @lucky

    This is getting really confusing!

    American Express via “talkto” agent. a minute ago
    We apologize for the confusion, it will not be valid on the 14th itself. It will end tonight.

  3. @ chaim — You can transfer to as many accounts as you want, though there’s a limit of 999,999 points transferred in a day.

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