(Potentially) amazing deal: 74 HawaiianMiles per dollar spent at Amazon Local?

The Hawaiian Airlines online mall seems to be offering 74 HawaiianMiles per dollar spent at Amazon Local. Once you get to the online mall just enter “Amazon” in the top right search bar, and the offer should come up.

When you click on the next page it will let you connect to Amazon Local to make purchases.

However, the next page reads “Earn 74 Miles per member sign-up,” so I suspect maybe that’s what the bonus is actually for. Then again, 74 miles is an odd number of miles to give for an email sign-up.

The terms and conditions read as follows:

  • Retailers retain the right to award points based on valid transactions. It is at the discretion of the retailer to deem whether a transaction is valid. Other restrictions may apply.
  • Restrictions on use of gift cards, gift certificates, coupons or other promotional discounts may apply.
  • See our Terms of Service for additional terms and restrictions regarding your use of this website.
  • Limit one per member.
  • Valid on first purchase by new members only.

The terms and conditions suggest to me that the bonus is based on purchases and not email sign-ups, since it says “valid on first purchase by new members only.” So signing up with an email isn’t a “purchase,” maybe they are in fact offering 74 miles per dollar on the first purchase? It’s an aggressive way to attract new customers, but then again, isn’t that all that Amazon Local/Groupon is anyway?

So use at your own discretion, but I figured it was at least worth mentioning and starting a conversation about.

(Tip of the hat to Randy)


  1. It would be lucrative if there was actually something I wanted to purchase through AmazonLocal! It’s basically a bunch of services and crap I don’t need.

  2. On the Hawaiian Netflix thing: “Commission only available for valid free trial membership.”

    So you can earn 521 miles/$ on a free trial. I’m whipping up some quick maths here and not impressed at the payoff.

  3. Agree with Cat, awful selection in Phoenix. But bought a $25 gift certificate to the Vine.com for $12. We’ll see if the 936 miles shows up. Risk/reward in my favor on this one.

  4. I wish it was 74 miles/$1 on Amazon purchases.. it’s that time of year to spends hundreds of dollars on textbooks.

  5. Signed up for 2 netflix trials for theentertainment value to watch this play out. 8000 miles = 16000 hilton points

  6. In the Seattle area there is a Two Pints and Two Bratwursts at Snoqualmie Brewery and Taproom for $11 (50% off). Good beer there. Anyone else fancy a trip up to Snoqualmie?

  7. in for $339 for a 2 night spring getaway to Hood River. 30 days to cancel with Amazon, potential to earn 25,084 miles or at least some sort of compensation if not honored…hell why not?

  8. Although I generally give fellow enthusiasts a wide berth in how they manifest their enthusiasm for the points game, I do have to wonder about how people value their time if they are willing to sign up for and buy something they don’t want to earn 1000 miles in a program they aren’t active in….with the full knowledge they probably won’t be awarded the miles and will have to fight with the carrier for some meager compensation. Is this really worth two hours of your life? It’s sort of twisted.

  9. Very decent Amazon Local offer in NYC: A 1 hour couples massage in Manhattan for $89 just in time for Valentines Day that will yield 6,586 coconut miles transferring to 10,000 hilton points (with change left over) = No brainer.

    I’m in.


  10. I am thinking about purchasing $2000 lasik eye surgery in Charlotte NC. How many of you believe I will actually collect 148,000 miles???

  11. Thanks Lucky! In for a $300 stay on boardwalk in San Antonio. Should end up being about 40k Hilton points.

  12. The offer on the landing page prior to going to Amazon local says 74 miles/sign up. Having much experience with the Hawaiian Miles portal, it’s not uncommon for them to offer an odd/wierd amount of miles when using their portal. With that said, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean 74 miles/spent— the portal has their butt covered without having to honor 74 miles/$ spent because it says 74 miles/signup on the landing page before being redirected over to the Amazon local site. Good luck to all those taking a gamble at this, but I think your odds of winning would be better at a casino that this.

  13. Still says 74 miles per dollar spent on first page, same as a couple of days ago. I use the same search to get 1 mile per dollar spent at Amazon all the time. Marriott and JetBlue at the moment are the only other Amazon options.

    Always check this site to get miles before buying online:

    Groupon used to offer 20-30 miles per dollar spent, but have dialed that back. They must be aiming for profitability for once.

    I bought the Vegas 2-night packages for $199. Guess we’ll what happens.

  14. Anyone have a clue how to see pending miles at this site? I am used to Chase which usually shows up after 3-5 days as pending.

  15. So what came out of this deal? It’s past 30 days and I have had nothing pending or posted in my Hawaiian air account. Did anyone get the 74 miles/$ or receive any communication regarding this? I was out of the country and forgot to cancel within the 30 days, am I stuck with the $329 getaway I bought? Updates anyone? Ben?

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