Starwood American Express annual nights/stays have posted!

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One of my favorite benefits of the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Card from American Express is that they each earn me two stays and five nights towards Starwood status annually (in the interest of full disclosure those are my affiliate links).

Between the two cards that’s four stays and 10 nights towards status annually, and that saves me quite a bit of money given that the annual fee is only $65 per card and I’d otherwise probably be mattress running for those stays/nights.

Anyway, I just noticed that for 2013 the four stays and 10 nights towards status already posted to my Starwood account, while in the past they only posted for me in February. So if you have either/both of the cards, double check and make sure that your elite nights/stays posted as well.

This is a great benefit for those going for hotel status, given that it essentially lowers the threshold for Platinum status to 21 stays or 40 nights (compared to 25 stays or 50 nights). Previously I qualified on stays but not nights, though last year I finally qualified on nights as well thanks in large part to these cards. The reason it’s now more valuable to qualify on nights rather than stays is that Starwood has introduced a new suite night award benefit for Platinum members with at least 50 nights. Those members get 10 suite night awards which can be used to confirm an upgrade five days before arrival, and that’s an extremely valuable benefit.

Also keep in mind that if you apply for one of these cards now you can still earn the benefit for this year.

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  1. Wow! As a relatively new SPG Amex cardholder (applied in August), I wasn’t expecting these to post until the annual fee kicked in. Nice to know this works on calendar year like the Amex Platinum $200 airline fee reimbursement!

  2. Sort of a newbie – what exactly does it mean to earn two stays and five nights? Does this mean that I get credit as if I stayed that many days/nights? Please elaborate or post a link. Much appreciated.

  3. Is there a particular line item in the activity screen that states you earned the 2 stays/5 nights? I happen to have 2 stays/5 nights from hotel stays so I can’t tell if my Amex credit has posted yet.

  4. @ Nick E — Congrats!

    @ Jeremy — Yes, it means you get the elite qualifying stays/nights towards status as if you actually stayed at hotels. These aren’t free nights you can redeem or anything. Let me know if you have any questions on that.

    @ Erik — I actually haven’t been able to find any place on Starwood’s website that breaks down qualifying elite activity. It’s the first week of the year so I assume it shouldn’t be too tough to tell, right? If you’ve already made two stays and five nights and that’s doubled then one card’s credit posted. If not, it didn’t.

  5. I have both Starwood cards so I am at 4 and 10 too. Thanks for the tip Lucky.

    Q: If I cancel the cards, will the freebie stays and nights stay on the profile, or will they disappear?

  6. Lucky – sorry for the noob question. I have the regular SPG Amex but not the Business one. When would be the “cut-off” for applying for the card and having the 2 stays / 5 nights post to this years activity?


  7. @ SFO_Chad — As long as you apply before the end of the year you should be able to still get the credit for this year. I’d apply by October to be on the safe side.

  8. This may be a dumb question, but since my stays posted, there’s nothing to prevent me from cancelling one of the cards (I have personal and business) at this point / would I be missing out on anything by doing so? The status credits don’t go away, right?

    I signed up for the business card in November to get 25K bonus + the 2 stays/5 nights for last year and the points/stays have already posted

  9. Hi,

    If you stay 40 nights and earn platinum through nights, do you get the SPG50 suite nights? That might put me over the top this year after the recent Hilton devaluation, I am considering switching to SPG.


  10. @ Shampz — You do if you earn the 50 nights but not if you earn the 25 stays. But the easy way to do that is to stay 40 nights and have both the Starwood personal and business credit cards.

  11. Hi, I recently linked a business Amex card to my SPG account but the stay and night credits did not post. I contacted Amex who deferred me to SPG to add the credits but SPG claimed its Amex’s responsibility. It seems to make sense that SPG would be the one to do it since its their credits. Any thoughts on who I should pursue this with

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