AwardWallet Plus & OneCard giveaway!

Award Wallet is my favorite website for tracking miles and points. It’s hard to imagine that a few years ago I actually had to check each loyalty program’s website individually to figure out my mileage balance… oh, the humanity! Nowadays I just end up refreshing my AwardWallet account a dozen times a day.

In all honesty, it’s awesome to be able to track most of your balances in one place. But an equally awesome benefit is that you can also track all of your loyalty program membership numbers in one place, for those of us (like me) that aren’t technologically savvy enough to otherwise keep a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately the airlines seem to agree with us that Award Wallet is too awesome, so some of them have restricted them from tracking your accounts for you. AwardWallet has come up with some creative ways to get around most of them, though it is still somewhat frustrating that they’re blocked by certain airlines, like American.

Anyway, AwardWallet has passed along some goodies for me to give away to you guys.

First, I have 30 Award Wallet Plus upgrade coupons valid for six months. While AwardWallet and the basic services they offer are free, they also have an AwardWallet Plus service, which allows you to see more info about your accounts, like mileage expiration dates, historical account balances, etc. Being warned about account expiration dates has saved my rear on more than one occasion.

The differences between the standard and AwardWallet Plus service are described as follows:

I also have 10 AwardWallet OneCard upgrade coupons to give away. These cards are described as follows:

AwardWallet OneCard is a credit card sized plastic card with magnetic strip (which enables you to check in for your flights at airport kiosks ). The card will have your personal account numbers and program phone numbers printed on the front and back sides. The card can contain up to 30 different loyalty program accounts listed. We have two types of cards: gold and silver. Those AwardWallet members who have over 1 million miles and points will get a gold card and those who have fewer than 1 million miles and points will get a silver card. The cards will be shipped internationally as well as within United States via regular United States Postal Service.

To win one of these codes, simply leave a comment below with one new experience you’d like to have in 2013 courtesy of your points. This could be a new city you’d like to visit, a hotel you’d like to stay at, or an airline you’d like to try. I’ll run the giveaway through 11:59PM PST on Monday, December 31, 2012, and will announce the winners the following day. You can enter once during the entry period, and be sure you’re using a valid email address so that I can contact you if you win.

If you don’t have an AwardWallet account, you can sign up for one here. If you sign up through that link I get some more Award Wallet Plus upgrade coupons, which I plan to give away on the blog at a future date as well.


  1. i’m looking forward to visiting africa–my last continent–in the new year. the airfare on points is already booked!

  2. To win one of these codes, simply leave a comment below with one new experience you’d like to have in 2012.
    You have not started writing 2013 yet!
    In 2013 we want to travel to several ports of Alaska to see bears, whales and many other sites that nature has to offer. Happy Holidays!!!

  3. I would like to wake up (always a good thing) and see that all airlines are once again dancing with AwardWallet!

  4. I would love to fly my mom in Business Class to the US for my graduation and also go to Japan in A380! Happy New Year!

  5. It is time for me to burn my US points and/or SAS points on a first class trip Europe-Asia or Europe-US with my wife. It feels shaky to maintain a lot of points with these specific loyalty programmes…

  6. I’m thinking of giving Virgin a try for International travel based on colleagues that have made the switch from AA.

  7. I’m about to have my 2013 dream experience using points in about a week! First Class on Cathay Pacific from JFK-HKG! And then 2 nights at the Conrad Hilton Hong Kong, all on miles!

  8. I thank you for the great advice able to use my bonus avios from the amex upgrade and then fly to Dublin from Boston on aer lingus. A sweet deal.

  9. Going to Thailand in business class. My boyfriends first trip to Asia. I’d love to start planning a trip to South America

  10. Looking forward to extending my school Seoul/Beijing trip to visit KL, Hanoi, Singapore, etc. hopefully I can squeeze in a Thai F award or two. 🙂

  11. Awardwallet really helps me a lot in tracking multiple airline and hotel programs.

    I would like to visit New York City with my family. That must be an exciting trip to this awesome city!

  12. I’d like to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo with my dad. He lived in Japan for two years in the early 80s and has never been back!

  13. I’m planning a trip to Vancouver Island, BC in June. Thanks to awardwallet for helping me keep track of my miles and points.

  14. I would like to show the real Koala and Kangaroo to my kids as they’re learning different animals in their preschool now. Thanks!

  15. Take my wife on our honeymoon for our first anniversary..couldn’t do it after our wedding for different reasons.

  16. I really want to go to South Africa on miles and do a safari while I’m in Africa. A dream trip indeed. And oh, pick me 🙂

  17. I am going to travel for pleasure internationally by myself in May. It is only Montreal but I usually leave the country with a group or my regular traveling companion. I will be using cash+ points to stay at the Le Meridien

  18. My 2013 goal is to just stop being a points hoarder and starting using them! Going in to 2013 with the ‘earn ’em and burn ’em’ mantra.

  19. In 2013, I’d love to shower my way to Australia / New Zealand on Emirates and definitely visit Queenstown in NZ.

  20. I’d like to extend my 2013 Ireland tour-group trip into continental Europe and not pay out a dime in real money!

  21. LH in F going anywhere, as long as I route through FRA and can spent at least 3 hours in the LH HON Lounge

  22. I would like to have an experience in Intl F using Delta miles. ANY will do, do you hear me DL any doesn’t matter if its Saudi Arabian or China Southern. Coins has shown me the light.

  23. In January, I’m staying in my first luxury hotel with points. It’s the little things. In 2013, I hope to be able to sit at the front of the plane on points!

  24. Been waiting 65 years to fly first class–thanks to you and points, it happens this year(Hong Kong)! Woohoo!

  25. I want to see Lucky successfully change the mindset of AA (and UA) and allow Award Wallet to again access our accounts for us.

  26. I’m taking my family of six to Egypt to celebrate my 50th birthday courtesy of UR points redeemed on United/Lufthansa.

  27. I want book LX First with US air miles, while checking my AAdvantage account in Award Wallet, while finding lots of SQ First award availability, while getting a 100K bonus after first purchase. 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

  28. Been to most of the places people have mentioned above.
    My next target destinations are:
    Myanmar,Dubai and (if I can afford it )

  29. I am looking forward to my first experiences on Singapore and Thai Airlines plus seeing Singapore, Bali, Bangkok and London all for the first time and all on points. Thanks to a big assist from the Points Pros. Hoping it all goes according to plan.

  30. I am flying Air Tahiti Nui Business Class from LAX to Paris CDG this year. I am a newbie points collector and this is my first upgraded flight!

  31. Great article!! If you have any Awardwallet coupons left, I’d greatly appreciate one of them 🙂

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