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Good evening/morning! I’m enroute from Seattle to South Florida in a coach, non-exit row window seat (I’m an aisle guy, because I like to get up about a dozen times per flight), which is what I get for booking my ticket home for Christmas day-of. As if that’s not awesome enough, I’m spending my Christmas at a Hyatt Place with my dogs. Don’t be jealous…

Fortunately I have a fully charged laptop so I’m doing my best to stay entertained thanks to Gogo, and part of that entertainment included going through my Google Analytics page (which I don’t check more than once or so a year, since statistics aren’t my motivation for blogging). Anyway, it looks like year-over-year my readership has grown by about 65% (which is surprising to me, given that I’ve been blogging more or less since I was in middle school and wearing velcro shoes, or something like that).

Anyway, while I realize those of you that have been around for a while already know this, I did want to share the ways below that you can connect with me:

As always, thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it! And happy holidays — hope everyone’s travels are safe and comfortable, and that you all get some time off to spend with your family and friends! And for your families’ sake, I hope you’re not presented with the opportunity to bump off an oversold flight. It sucks to have to choose between airline credit and your family. 😉


  1. Glad you’ll be with your family for Christmas. I’ll be on Singapore Air en route to LA via SF…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks for your blog work. Merry Christmas and smooth flying. Sorry about the window, I’m an aisle person as well.

  3. Merry Christmas. Thanks for all of the questions you answer.

    At least you got a window and not a middle. Is the flight full?

  4. “Anyway, it looks like year-over-year my readership has grown by about 65% ”

    Such increase could also be linked to your readers having several IPs because of iphone/ipad/tablet/laptops.

  5. Merry Christmas Ben! I appreciate all of the work you put into the blog. One of the few sites that is on my “must check daily” list.

  6. Ben,

    Thanks for the work you do with the blog. 50% of your writing is informative, and the other half is entertaining. Love you style, keeps me coming back for more.

  7. Thanks guys, and happy holidays/merry Christmas to all of you!

    @ R B — The increase is actually pretty consistent across the board in terms of page views, unique visitors, etc.

  8. Was offered $300 voucher ‘bump’ on the way to MIA today. Didn’t take it….b/c I had to connect to GNV where I’m headed now…

    Merry Xmas Lucky!


  9. Didnt bump or misconnect on my yvr-jfk-srq flight and cx interlined my bags all the way, I was amazed when they came out in Sarasota!

  10. I’m part of the 65% who discovered your blog in 2012 (February, I think) and have been a daily reader ever since. Thank you for the great advice, tips, inspiration, and entertainment! Merry Christmas!

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