Cathay Pacific flight attendants to possibly withhold food and smiles as union negotiation tactic

Via The Wall Street Journal:

Among other possibilities, the Flight Attendants Union says members will consider refusing to serve food or alcohol or even smiling at customers during the upcoming weeks of peak holiday travel time. It has also said it is considering a strike, though it says such a strike wouldn’t take place until after the new year.

While the airline said in November it is willing to grant employees a 2% salary increase for 2013 and an extra month of salary as a bonus, the union is demanding a 5% salary increase, citing rising inflation.

The union says it may move ahead with actions that could include providing the most basic level of service possible, or becoming extra-vigilant about routine safety measures and other regulations to try to cause a slowdown in travel. Such changes could mean, for example, becoming especially zealous about offloading oversize luggage, which would delay flights.

Lovely! So I guess you can add Cathay Pacific to the airlines that announces “flight attendants are here primarily for your safety” during the after takeoff announcement. Now, I doubt this tactic will actually work as there are far too many flight attendants that won’t go along with this to have any major impact, but I’d love to hear some firsthand reports from those flying Cathay Pacific over the coming weeks.

At least the US airlines are in good company now…

Update: It looks like this has been resolved and won’t happen after all.


  1. “You’re a bit late on this.” @ eponymous coward, lighten up. Some people have better things to do than troll blogs looking for breaking stories. I appreciate the info whenever it’s shared. Thanks Lucky.

  2. Well, I was pointing out the strike wouldn’t happen. I think that’s kind of newsworthy for someone who might be anxious about Christmas travel on CX F- or a blogger writing about it.

  3. No worries, it’s all good.

    And I’ve been following it because… well… I have an upcoming CX flight. A 15 hour flight with no food in F would be kind of lame.

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