US Airways offering two free months and 3,000 PQMs with any new club membership

US Airways has a four day sale (through December 13, 2012) on club memberships, whereby they’re offering two additional free months (for a total of 14 months) plus 3,000 PQMs for any new membership. Simply use promotion code 2FREE when enrolling.

The membership costs are as follows:

I still think it’s a much better value to get the American Express Platinum card, which gets you US Airways Club access, given that the annual fee is $450 and you get a $400 airline fee credit (which can be used creatively), essentially bringing down the cost to $50 for the first year. But if you’re short of PQMs for the year this might not be a bad mileage run alternative.


  1. does the annual fee count toward minimum spend? if i applied for the hhonors amex about 2 weeks ago, any chance i’d be approved for the •Platinum Card® from American Express Exclusively for Mercedes-Benz?

  2. @ mangoceviche — The annual fee doesn’t apply towards the minimum spend. I’d say you have a good chance of being approved for that card if you applied.

  3. @ Heather — Yes, but it’s based on calendar year as opposed to membership year, so you can get a $400 credit for the first year.

  4. I recently visited the US Airways Club in LAX and CLT. Both were dark, skuffed and worn. If these are the clubs you will use I would recommend finding another club membership that will work better for you.

  5. thanks Lucky! got approved and they are expediting the card. now 50K miles closer to an SQ suite award.

  6. @ Heather — For what it’s worth, the refund seems to be triggered by the purchase amount and not really the amount of the purchase, so many have reported getting reimbursed for cheap airfare.

  7. I was 2500 PQMs short of gold. This put me over the edge. Cheaper than buying up and I didn’t have to make a mileage run.

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