Hyatt eliminating Platinum Extras Awards starting in 2013

Via Gary, Hyatt has announced on Milepoint that they’ll be eliminating Platinum Extras Awards as of 2013. As Jeff Zidell explains:

As you know, our loyalty program continues to evolve. Over the last several years, we have made a number of changes – most of which have been enthusiastically endorsed by our members. As we have said before, we will continue to invest in benefits that enhance the Hyatt experience for the majority of our members and eliminate benefits that are not valued or not utilized. Our Platinum Extras program falls into the latter category, and so, we have decided to discontinue it as of December 31, 2012.

After a thorough evaluation, we concluded that Platinum Extras did not provide a significant enhancement to the Hyatt experience; in fact, more than 75% of the awards earned by Platinum members were never redeemed. Therefore, it simply makes sense for us to focus our time, attention and resources on improving the program in new and innovative ways rather than administering a benefit that members don’t value.

Platinum members will still earn Platinum Extras Awards through the end of 2012 and will have 90 days to redeem these awards. For answers to frequently asked questions related to this benefit change, please visit

As far as excuses for eliminating benefits go, that’s about as good as it gets, in my opinion. They had a similar reason for eliminating Passport Escapes packages, as only approximately 100 members redeemed for it per year, apparently. Admittedly they didn’t do a very good job marketing those benefits, though.

Hopefully we see them add new benefits soon, be it stay credit for award stays, cash & points bookings, or something else…


  1. I’m a platinum member and have gotten two “platinum extras” cards, both of which I didn’t redeem. I had two problems with this program: 1) why do you have only 90 days to redeem it?, and 2) why do they send you a coupon that you have to redeem onsite? I say give no time limit and make it digital so you don’t have to carry around a voucher.

  2. Ben,

    I would have taken advantage of it if I had KNOWN about it.

    Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to comply some “hidden” benefits that readers of yours should know about…

  3. To eliminate a benefit without having a replacement (or work-around) to announce simultaneously is one of the dumbest, most customer-unfriendly actions that a company can take. Hyatt’s action may not be of the same magnitude as the United .bomb fare-bucket debacle … but stinks in a very similar manner.

  4. I always selected the bonus points online. My stays are at a low rate and I counted on the platinum extra awards to build up my account. i figured the platinum extra awards were worth enough that it did not pay for me to try and make diamond, and I cared more about making platinum at SPG. Now it is mid-December and I can’t do both. If I knew Hyatt was pulling the platinum extra award, I could have planned my last few months of travel differently.

  5. I don’t get why these were so hard to redeem. For airline miles or Hyatt points, it was digital and online. I got an email every third stay, clicked on it, then redeemed it online. I never chose to get the bonus for a dinner at Hyatt which may have been included a coupon. I’ll make Diamond this year so I figure I won’t get them next year, but I don’t understand why 75% didn’t redeem these as it was pretty simple. I plan on taking the miles for my 21st and 24th stay as I value them a bit more than Gold Passport points.

  6. A 2nd thought was if only 25% take advantage of it, which I assume is far many more times than a hundred for Passport Escapes (10,000 maybe,) the cost wouldn’t have been that much and most of it was automated online. Is this a case that they should have promoted it more?

  7. I think it’s a case of the benefit not being implemented to everyone consistently. Just based on the above comments some people received certificates in the mail and others got an email notice. My husband receives certificates in the mail and I never have received a cert or email opportunity to redeem. Front desk staff are not familiar with the benefit either (at least at the couple of properties that I asked). The benefit was probably under utilized because of poor/inconsistent implementation of the program.

  8. Darn. I finally made Platinum late this year, and was looking forward to the little surprises of those awards (sounded like fun).

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