Four Delta SkyClub passes for $99 through December 31, 2012

Through December 31, 2012, Delta is selling four SkyClub passes for $99. The usual cost is $50 per pass, so this is a substantial discount, and can only be purchased at a SkyClub (you have to mention the promotion).

For the frequent traveler and credit card churner there are certainly better offers out there for lounge access, though I think this is a good deal if you have a family member traveling over the holidays that otherwise wouldn’t have lounge access. This is also a way to use up your American Express Platinum airline fee credit, though as I explained in this post, there are plenty of other great uses of that credit as well.


  1. Why use AMEX Plat credit on this when AMEX plat ready gets you Delta lounge access when flying Delta?

  2. Do you think this would qualify for the $200 airline incidental credit as well on the Rtiz Carlton Signature Visa card?

    Anyone have experience with this?

  3. Perfect, now the overcrowded SkyClubs will become even more crowded. Some days the ATL & LGA clubs are standing room only

  4. Hey Lucky, question about off post things: How do I find award seat availability of AS ? I know you could see it at, but are those seats bookable with BA miles? Thanks!

  5. @ Andy — You can search for saver space on Alaska’s website, American’s website, or ExpertFlyer. BA should have access to the same space.

  6. For some reason doesn’t show AS’s seats which are shown on, eg. LAS-SEA. I probably have to call BA. Anyway, thanks Lucky!

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