$9 rates at the Aloft Denver Airport

Reader Kevin made me aware of a $9 rate at the Aloft Denver Airport, which seems to be available for December 23-24 and December 30-31.

I haven’t had a chance to play with availability too much, though there’s a good chance there are other dates available as well.

If anyone is short on stay credits and in the Denver Airport, this is a mattress run rate that’s tough to beat. šŸ˜‰


  1. Thank you! Needed two more nights for elite status and will ask family to check in for me since they’re much closer.

  2. @choi I’m pretty sure you need to check in to get the credit. However it’s a prepaid rate so maybe it will work since you already paid for it. In the worst case you’re out of 10 bucks. I think if you book via the mobile app you also get the 500 point bonus.

    BTW, it looks like some has forgotten to enter one 9. The king size room is 9, but the queen size is showing up as 99 so I wonder if they’ll honor it.

  3. Looks like they caught on the mistake. For those that booked this rate, has anyone noticed that their reservation was updated $89 rate? I haven’t received any notification from SPG, but got alerted from my Award Wallet account.

  4. Same here, don’t find any charges for it though, for either rate ! Odd, since this was supposed to be prepaid.

  5. Just got an email. They won’t honour but are offering it for 49USD. If you cancel, they will grant 2000 starpoints as goodwill.

  6. I got an email from Aloft saying I can keep the booking for $49, or I can cancel and receive 2000 SPG points. I think I’ll take the points. This was my first ever hotel mistake rate booking. Thanks, Ben for helping me lose my virginity!

  7. Same here. First got automated email that the new rate is 89 USD. Then got a longer personal email stating that they would honor it for 49 or would give 2000 SPG points.

    Interestingly they state that clients should refrain from contacting Starwood about it and deal with them directly. Could be because this is a compensation action by the property or because they don’t want corporate licensor to know about it.

    Will take the 2000 points.

    Thx, Ben.

  8. I took the offer and canceled my reservations. They sent me an email on 12/27/2012, saying “Points have been submitted to SPG. They might have been delayed due to the holiday.” But I have not yet received points as of 1/11/2013.

    This whole thing seems fishy. I think I will contact SPG to get to the bottom of this.

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