Cream — the greatest thing in a Flagship Lounge since nuts!

Thanks to British Airways’ takeover of British Midland I’m a British Airways Gold member, which gets me Flagship Lounge access (American’s international first class lounge) whenever I’m flying a OneWorld carrier, even if it’s domestic.

I love the Flagship Lounges since they’re a bit quieter and have a better food selection than the Admirals Clubs, though there’s one thing that really sets them apart — they have “real” mixed nuts, not just the lame snack mix tower of doom.

But it seems the true benefits may not end there. Check out what I found at the Chicago Flagship Lounge this evening:

Is this the coolest enhancement ever or what?!


  1. C’mon Ben – while funny to me personally, your innuendo here is honestly not befitting of a blog that is vying for top reviews in the travel industry. This has been going on for some time now…

  2. Now, if they had real cream rather than fake, chemical-filled, squirty “cream”, that would be worth saying.

  3. @theblakefish Geez, and dude, I lighten up. I think you hard to work really hard to find the innuendo in this post. Jaded much?

    One of the reasons Lucky’s blog is so popular is *because* of his sense of humor. He’swilling to sprinkle in a lighthearted point of view now and again, and he’s not afraid to mention a humorous take even on some, um, I sensitive topics. But he’s always polite and tasteful about it. Plus, asregular readers of his blog know, even though he spends a lot of time on crazy luxury travel, he’s an otherwise fairly normal kid who appreciates the simple things. A lime in his coke, a Starbucks in the morning. There is no reason at all to think that this current blog post represents anything more than the fact that whipped cream in the lounge is a fun new find for him. I know it is for me!

  4. I’m now mughty curious since I have not met you personally Lucky but do you wear glasses? I was in the Flagship lounge that evening myself heading to Beijing.

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