1. I’ll up that bounty to a bag of pepperidge farm milano cookies … that has been posted for months, and never found it to work; ever.

  2. After flying business class on RJ between BKK and HKG I would never fly them again even for that price. You couldn’t pay me enough to get on a RJ plane ever again.

  3. LOL, there’s an 8 missing off the end of that. I like how when you click on “View terms & conditions” a blank window pops up. Apparently, it’s a fare with no restriction (or dates….)

  4. Lucky, they were absolutely dreadful. Hubby and I agreed as we were taxiing if for any reason we had to return to the gate we would offload ourselves. I got the evil eye from every male in the J cabin as I went by. You would think that I was parading down the aisle nude. I am a 50 yo woman who was covered from neck to toe so as not to offend. Before take off, the FA came to the gentleman in the seat opposite us and asked him to tell his friend that he can’t smoke on the plane. That told us straight up that the crew had no control over what was going on. Why wasn’t the smoker offloaded? When the crew were preparing the cabin for landing the female FA asked the “gentlemen” (I am being generous with this description) to put their seats upright. Their response was to give her a mouthful and ignore what she told them. The male FA ignored the situation. I went to the bathroom shortly after take off and it was filthy, it was if a cat has sprayed everywhere to mark his territory, it reeked of urine. We both decided never again would we step foot on RJ.

  5. @ Vicky — Ouch, thanks for the review. Sounds like something I should try if for no other reason than to witness it myself!

  6. About RJ, also applicable to Saudia – the airlines and crew are not so terrible, it’s the fellow passengers who can make the experience horrid. šŸ™

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