35% discount on W Hotels store through November 30, 2012

Through November 30, 2012, The W Hotels Store is offering a 35% discount on all their merchandise using promotion code CM35G.

I had the queen pillowtop W Bed when I lived in Tampa and wrote a review of it here. While I’m not going to claim it’s the greatest thing ever, with a substantial discount (like this one) I consider it to be a good value.

I ended up even purchasing a king pillowtop W Bed when I moved to Seattle, so I guess I am somewhat of a fan.

Anyway, I’ve gotten several reader emails asking about when the next sale would be, so there ya go…


  1. So for those of you interested in the W Mattress – heads up that RueLaLa has them on sale for another 20hrs or so. While the pricing is MORE on RueLaLa ($100 more on a King for example), you do have a 30day return guarantee if you don’t like the mattress, whereas you’re stuck with it (FINAL SALE) if bought via the W Hotels store. For a $100 more, it was worth the peace of mind in case it doesn’t suit us,

  2. I prefer the Westin heavenly bed, on Friday I got a deal on a king Simmons Avondale firm with Pillowtop (which I had previously determened was the Westin bed, as I have it in a queen) for $1249 plus tax, free shipping.

    At sleepys.com. No return, just replacement if defective or exchnage. But that’s a great deal.

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