Registration now open for American Express “Small Business Saturday”

American Express’ awesome “Small Business Saturday” promotion is back this year, and registration opened just a few minutes ago.

Through this promotion you get a $25 statement credit for each registered American Express card with which you spend at least $25 at a small business in a single transaction on Saturday, November 24, 2012. While corporate and prepaid cards aren’t eligible, personal and small business cards with a unique card number are, so you can earn this bonus on several cards.

The one aspect of this that confuses me is that American Express has a map with qualifying small businesses by location, though in the past small businesses weren’t limited to the ones on the list. So I’m not sure whether only those small businesses qualify, or if any small business would be eligible. The statement credits should appear within eight weeks of the purchase, though typically post much faster than that.

This is an awesome promotion that allows me to buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for free on the 24th (which also happens to be my dad’s birthday, so it works out pretty conveniently).

Be sure to register, as there’s a limit to the number of cards that can be registered (though they don’t specify what that is).


  1. if a small business does not appear on the list/map when you search by zip code or town name, try typing in the exact name of the business in the box below zip/town selected…many many additional businesses can be found well beyond the initial list that comes up. Also you should receive a confirmation email for each card (and additional card) that you register…ENJOY!

  2. The map version of listing participants is very confusing. Previous years you could print out a list. Now? I ain’t copying these down by hand! Hopefully they add a list!

  3. Some of the fine print after I registered stated:

    “Please note that this registered Card number is the only Card that can receive the offer. Any other eligible Cards (including those linked to the same account) must be registered separately.”

    That tells me there should be no issue with registering the separate card numbers of all “authorized users”. Another a good reason for one Amex account to have a different account number for each authorized user.

  4. Make sure to enter several zip codes in your area to search for stores. I liked that new feature because it gave me ideas I had not thought of before as small businesses.

  5. Registered 9 cards! Stayed up until 1AM (Central) to make sure that I got in, so, of course, registration is still open. Amex’s promotions sure make paying their annual fees a lot less painful.

  6. do you know if registration is closed? Just tried to register and got this: Sorry. Our records show that you’ve already enrolled for this offer.

    But I didn’t register – however, I did do the small business $25 credit when they had it in Raleigh/Durham in late September. Does that mean I’m ineligible for this one? Or can I do both and I’m already registerd?

  7. Still wide open this morning. Just registered 16 (!) cards. Remember it’s not just regular Amex cards that work but also Citi/BofA/Penfed etc issued Amex cards. This is one less than I registered last week, though I have yet to register a few cards in my wife’s wallet yet. Last year did 17 and they all worked. We used them all at once in our local wine store. Guy was happy to run 17 * $25. This year we are going to be driving from Grand Canyon to Vegas which will make it more challenge but who doesn’t like a challenge? 🙂

  8. In for 19; down on last year as I did not renew my AMEX Plat (which had 5 additional cards on the account).

    My local wine store is not participating this year – bummer!

  9. There has been so much confusion in the past on what counts as a small business, AMEX now created a map with a list. So if anyone wants to risk $25 and test if a non-qualified place gets the credit, have at it! But please report back!

  10. Just did nine cards. I see that I’m leaving money on the table, as I cancelled a couple of cards this year which would have been four more.

    On one account with my wife as primary, I have two active cards in my name as secondary. I think it’s because I misplaced it and asked for another one but does anyone know whether you can do that regularly. I.E, have 4 secondary cards all with the same SS#?

    Timely posting lucky, thanks. Now if you can tell me whether it will happen again next year, I’d be thrilled! The annual cost of an AMEX is $50 less (assuming two cards) than otherwise.

  11. @MaryM I too have been trying to register and cannot. I get the same message but have not registered for any promos in the past. HELP!

  12. Registered two cards and will buy a 50.00 gift certificate at two different local restaurants for presents. I was going to buy these anyway so I get two for the price of 1

  13. Will Amex business cards qualify?
    What is the difference between corporate versus small business cards?

  14. @ Jim — Small business cards do, corporate cards don’t. Small business cards are cards specifically designed as such — if you apply for a business card as a consumer that’s a small business card.

  15. Disappointed to learn from Amex this morning that I will NOT be getting a $25 credit for the $25 that I spent at a qualifying small business using my Macy’s Amex card – this despite the fact that I received a confirmation email from Amex when I registered the Macy’s Amex card for the promotion…
    Anybody else had any luck getting the credit with the Macy’s card ?

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