American selling AAdvantage miles for two cents each through December 31, 2012!

Through December 31, 2012, American is selling miles at the lowest rate I’ve ever seen thanks to a 50% bonus and increased cap on purchased miles.

They’re offering up to a 50% bonus on the purchase of miles with the following thresholds:

The maximum number of miles that can be purchased through this promotion is 90,000 (60,000 base miles plus the 30,000 bonus miles) for a total of $1808.75. That’s roughly two cents per mile, which is the lowest I’ve ever seen American sell miles.

Ultimately there’s a holding cost to miles and it’s not quite a rate at which I’d purchase them (I value them at about 1.8 cents each), though in many cases I could see taking advantage of this making sense if you don’t have a lot of miles, have the need to plan immediate travel, or don’t have the ability to apply for credit cards for the sign-up bonuses. 67,500 miles will get you a one way ticket to Asia in first class on Cathay Pacific, so $1,350 for that is quite a good value if you ask me.

So if you’ve been eying American miles, it doesn’t get much better than this, assuming you don’t want to fly and take advantage of their current double miles promotion.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. HOw do you redeem AA miles for Cathay Pacific First class award ticket? Does CX has blackout dates for redemption?

  2. @Cham

    You must book over the phone. To check availability that most closely matches what AA can book sign up for a JAL account and use their search tool. Within 7 days of departure you must use a different option; I usually use BA’s tool. CX does not have blackout dates.

  3. @Cham

    AA does not impose fuel surcharges on CX redemptions. A nonstop from LAX/SFO/ORD/JFK in First will cost you 67,500 miles + $2.50 (9/11 security fee).

  4. BrewerSEA, thank you. I just check over and you are correct. Thank you very for the info.

    I tried using JAL portal, it seems the award tickets for F is only released a few days ahead of departure. I looked for early Jan. and nothing is available. But I will try with BA portal next.

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