Alaska offering double miles on two new San Diego routes!

Alaska Airlines will be launching service from San Diego to Boston and Lihue as of March 29, 2013, and to celebrate they’re offering double miles on both routes. For travel to Boston the offer is valid through May 29, 2013, and for travel to Lihue the offer is valid through August 7, 2013. Registration is required prior to travel.

They also have promotional fares between the city pairs. San Diego to Boston roundtrip is just $258 including all taxes, with availability for same day turns most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

If my math is right, San Diego to Boston one way is 2,588 miles, so the roundtrip is 5,176 miles. Through this promotion that amount would be doubled to 10,352 miles. If you’re an MVP Gold member you get an additional 100% bonus on base miles, for a total of 15,528 miles. That’s ~1.66 cents per redeemable mile, which is pretty good.

Alaska Airlines does status match most other airlines’ mid tier status to their MVP Gold status, and now that it’s after November 1 the status will be valid through all of next year. I actually just completed the status match and am looking for ways to requalify, so may have to position myself in San Diego to take advantage of a couple of these fares.

But if you’re in San Diego or Boston and an Alaska flyer, taking advantage of one of these fares seems like a no brainer, and a great way to get a head start on status for 2013.


  1. I don’t get it, AS’s schedule really sucks for BOS-SAN. B6 is dominating at BOS and has non stop BOS-SAN as well.

  2. The 11/23 deadline is part of the fare rules for the promotional fares listed on the first page. The double miles promotion only requires that you register before your first flight.

  3. Oooh. SAN-BOS-SEA-ANC-SEA-SAN 9031 EQM. Wonder how that prices out? Haven’t figured out how to squeeze Hawaii in there yet.

  4. “But if you’re in San Diego or Boston and an Alaska flyer”

    Which is all of about 11 people probably? 🙂

    Maybe more in SD, but cannot imagine many AS elites in Boston…

    Guess that’s why they run the promotion…

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