My 5,000 Aeroplan miles just posted from the Starwood promotion!

There are some promotions so generous that they’re worth mentioning a couple of times. One of those is the promotion that Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program is currently running for Starwood stays through December 9, 2012. I explained the promotion in detail here, so check out that post.

The basics are that you earn 3,000 bonus Aeroplan miles for three nights at Starwood hotels between September 10 and December 9, 2012, and you earn an additional 2,000 bonus Aeroplan miles for another two nights (meaning you earn a total of 5,000 Aeroplan miles for five nights). These nights don’t have to be consecutive, and you still earn points for the stay as you usually would. Just register for the promotion here, as it applies retroactively, and the Aeroplan miles will automatically post in addition to the points you’d usually earn for your stays (including bonus points from Starwood’s fall promotion).

As you can see below, my 5,000 bonus miles just posted.

Woot! Thanks Aeroplan and Starwood!


  1. I received my 3k as well…one more night and I should get the additional 2k (since I have 4 nights during the promo period)

  2. I got all 8K posted today. I was a lucky one who had a 3 night stay planned in Toronto during the period so got 3K for Canadian stay too. Thanks.

  3. Keep in mind that if you need more Aeroplan points to redeem a particular award you’re looking for, you can transfer points in from Wyndham Rewards (2.5:1 ratio), AmEx Membership Rewards (1:1 ratio), or SPG (1:1 ratio….with a 5K bonus if you transfer in 20K SPG points). There are other transfer partners as well, though not at very good transfer rates IMO.

  4. @ JBG — Wrote this way too late at night. My point was that you earn points as you usually would for your stays, but it’s a moot point with Starwood, since you don’t have an airline miles earning option for stays (but instead you can just transfer points after the fact).

  5. I’ve got some strange activity in my account related to this – looks like the miles were added then immediately removed. Odd.

    Redeem -2000 11/08/2012 AEROPLAN ADD PROMOTIONS
    Earn +2000 11/08/2012 AEROPLAN 5 NIGHTS BONUS (FBA)
    Redeem -3000 11/08/2012 AEROPLAN ADD PROMOTIONS
    Earn +3000 11/08/2012 AEROPLAN 3 NIGHTS BONUS (FBA)

  6. My points posted as well, although given how they structured the transaction (earning SPG points followed by instantaneous conversion to Aeroplan), it’s too bad the points couldn’t have stayed where they were.

  7. I just received the same strange activity TonySCV got, but no activity in AeroPlan:

    Any idea Lucky? I suspect I might have mis-typed my Aeroplan number during registration and it wouldn’t let me re-register when I did try it again. Neither Aeroplan or SPG can confirm.

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