Virgin’s “Departure Date” short film

Virgin recently released the short film “Departure Date,” which is the first short film shot and edited in the sky. It follows someone as they fly Virgin Australia, Virgin America, and Virgin Atlantic, and has a pretty cute message. You can watch the short ~25 minute film here:

Nice message and good marketing, in my opinion, though did anyone else notice the two errors? Curious if anyone else spotted them…


  1. That first segment SYD-LAX appeared to be a 777 interior, but they showed an A330 on the exterior shots.
    Half way through on the VX flight, how did the chat system immediately know that he was in the new seat? (Not so much an error as an observation)
    It didn’t convince me to give Virgin a shot (unless VS joins *), but it got me to spend 30 minutes watching a well put together short.

  2. 2nd error:
    VS flight LAX-LHR showed Airbus interior at first, then the main character suddenly starts going up the stairs to the upper deck of a 744…

  3. @ YW — Interesting, didn’t even notice that one, but you’re right. Wonder how that happened, since it’s my understanding that this was actually filmed entirely on a three flight journey.

    Still one more thing I caught that no one has mentioned. It involves the fiance. Anyone?

  4. bag claim would be between FIS and CBP exit…he could not meet her in this secure area to help her wheel luggage off coming from INTL arrival

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