I’ve been nominated by elliott.org for favorite travel blogger…

Elliott.org is running a favorite travel blogger poll, and I’ve been nominated (though I have to wonder how the nomination process works based on certain blogs that aren’t on the list). Voting is open through 5PM EST on Friday, November 16, and each person can vote once.

Now, I wasn’t planning on posting about this for two reasons. First of all, I’m not sure I want to be at the top of any of Elliott’s lists, since Chris Elliott and I get along like soup and a fork. But second of all, these “lists” are often little more than link orgies — by everyone linking to his site his Google rankings go up and he’s the real winner.

All that being said (and now that I’m probably disqualified), I decided to still post about it. Why? Because I’m a travel blogger and my dad doesn’t know how to use the internet. Do you have any clue how hard it is for him to explain to people what I do?! “Velll, ummm, he vrights to ze people on za internet and zey somehow reeed it” (my dad has a thick German accent despite living in the US for nearly 40 years). His appreciation for my career choice is similar to a deaf man having a kid that decides to be a DJ, or a blind man having a kid that paints for a living.

But do you have any clue how proud he’d be if his son won a “best travel blog” award? That would legitimize my career choice as much as a JD Power award.

So anyway, if you have a few seconds to spare, consider heading over to the polling page and voting, even if it’s not for me. I’m in 6th place at the time of this post.


  1. Well, heck, #3 wasn’t that hard. We must be able to shake 42 more votes from the sofa cushions for #2… It’s the least we can do for this education!!!!

  2. Woot, thanks guys! Really appreciate the support. Suspect there will still be some competition over the next day and a half, so would appreciate if you guys keep voting. Thanks again!

    @ Zz — Who’s Chris Elliott? Well he’s a self proclaimed consumer rights advocate, though here’s who I think he is:

    And I can provide many more examples on request. 😀

  3. You got my vote! I really appreciate how often you post, and how meaningful (or at least interesting) your posts are. Many bloggers bore the hell out of me–you do not. Keep up the good work!

  4. One of the best travel bloggers on the interwebs. I predict you’ll get more votes than everyone else combined.

  5. I voted for you yesterday when I saw this on Chris’ site. Never thought stopped to think about your opposition to his position on loyalty programs (hadn’t seen the posts you linked to), but the travel cases he mediates are usually pretty interesting. Both your blogs are the first I read each day (when I get to work…shhh). Can’t I be a fan of both of you?!? 🙂

  6. Just voted. You now have a 141 vote lead over second place and seem to be running away. Good luck. One mile at a Time is the first blog I started reading and is still the best!

  7. Your site is great, and I am sure you will win. Unfortunately, it looks like some of your real competition is excluded from this list.

    Good luck.

  8. If you don’t win among that list, you should be ashamed! I’ve never heard of 90% of them, and the 10% I have heard of, I don’t read.

  9. Voted for you when you had 47 votes and now 400+. I linked to the list from another blog promoting another blogger. I usually have time mostly for Boarding Area so I always scan the page for One Mile at a Time and read yours first. You are the most humorous of all bloggers. That sweater blog the other day was so great. Also, you’ve got great formatting, font size very nice, color scheme, and large photos. Thanks for all of your posts.

  10. You got my vote. Seems this Elliott character is your nemesis. I’m picturing him walking into the room and you saying “Elliott!” the way Seinfeld says “Newman!”

  11. You, sir, have earned my vote. Not because of this post, but because of the many posts you do each day–like the sweater story, for example! 😉

  12. You are the most entertaining (and sometimes even informative!) blog on the interwebs. You have a natural talent for narrative that keeps your readers hooked and coming back for more.

    Never even heard of most of the competitors. The only real “competition” you have is from Gary, but its a different style and it complements you well. I struggle to take Elliott seriously for not nominating him (among other reasons).

    The only question left in the Elliott poll is going to be how large your margin of victory is going to be. Go Ben!

  13. Zees iz gut nuze, ya!

    But seriously, I may not always agree with you, but you’re one of the best sources for travel news out there. Well done, Ben!

  14. Voted for you, not only because I think your blog is the best, but also because I believe Christopher Elliot gives some of the worst advice out there. I was on a FB chat he gave SPONSORED BY CLUB CARLSON where he said that hotel loyalty programs were pretty much worthless. I’ve also seen him write in the Wash Post that the way to get a car rental upgrade was to “pay more”. No S#$, Sherlock.

  15. Woo, Hoo – Lucky, you’ve gone viral – you’re running away with it. Be sure to post a picture of your dad when he learns. :-).

  16. Just voted. Lucky, thanks for letting us know about this contest, because you definitely deserve to win. You’re the best. Hope your dad will be proud of your career choice! 🙂

  17. You’ve got my vote as well. 627 votes..still #1 and blowing away the rest!

    Thank you for your blog, Ben. It’s the best out there. You have a conversation with all of us as though we are all good friends of yours. You teach us along the way with your observations, tips and destinations I have never thought of traveling to in the front of the plane. Love your hotel choices as well.

  18. Voted for you even though you probably didn’t need it at this point. New reader here but I think your blog is hilarious.

  19. Uh-oh. Looks like we’re seeing some others’ great GOTV efforts. Still #1, but watch out for those absentee ballots and hanging chads! 😉

  20. You guys are making my week! First you vote for me, and now you’re buttering me up. Is it my birthday, or something? 🙂

  21. Wow – talk about a well-executed social media campaign! What’d you have to do to get @Rihanna to tweet about it :p

    Congrats in the meantime…

  22. Oh, I love Chris! He’s helped me out of several travel pickles, and I’ve always found him nothing but genuine and nice in person.

    And I was on his Top 12 list last year, despite not knowing anything about the nominations (this year or last), and it has continued to be the highest source of referral traffic to my site for the last ~365 days.

  23. You’re getting close to tripling up on the next closest blogger! Oddly, I have only heard of 3 of the other bloggers. And I spend a lot of time surfing this ‘net.

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