American Express Membership Rewards transfer bonus coming to British Airways

Gary reports that American Express Membership Rewards will be running a 30% transfer bonus to British Airways Executive Club from December 3, 2012, to January 14, 2013. It’s rare we know about these transfer bonuses before they actually launch, so this is definitely worth keeping in mind if you could benefit from an Avios transfer but aren’t in a rush. While we’ve seen bigger transfer bonuses in the past, there are some great uses of Avios points, so in some cases these transfers can make a lot of sense. I’ll highlight some redemptions once the promotion goes live.


  1. I will be having around 150,000 points from different Amex sign-up bonuses by Dec. I have been planning on using the points to transfer to Avios and use them for business class seats for me and my wife (and I am aware of the steep fuel surcharges). Will it make sense to transfer all points to Avios or maybe keep some aside for later use?

  2. I have a boatload of avios. I can’t use them as easily as I would like from my home airport. It’s feast or famine with availability with AA/BA/OW.

    I would need 75% bonus minimum to make it worth my while at this point.

    I wish amex txfr to UA 🙁

  3. @ Abhi — I wouldn’t use this offer to make a speculative transfer, unless you have immediate travel plans. There have been higher transfer bonuses in the past, so unless you plan on traveling soon I’d sit this one out. Also, where are you trying to go? It might not make sense to use Avios.

    @ romsdeals — Haven’t taken that exact flight, though for JFK to YVR the taxes/fees are $34, while they’re $81.21 for YVR to JFK.

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