American offering double elite qualifying and redeemable miles through the end of the year!

I guess as a result of their poor operational performance the past couple of months, American has just announced that they are offering double elite qualifying miles, points, AND redeemable miles through the end of the year for elite members! Non-elite members earn double elite qualifying miles and points as well, though only receive double redeemable miles for travel November 16 through 26. Registration is required using promotion code AATHX. This offer is valid for all flights operated and marketed by American between November 1 and December 31, 2012. Best of all there’s no requirement as to the booking date, so even previously booked travel qualifies!

Here’s the full text of the promotion:

This is HUGE. Hands down the most generous airline promotion we’ve seen in years. Double elite qualifying miles would already have been huge, but double redeemable miles as well? That means as a Platinum or Executive Platinum you’re earning 300% miles on all travel. I’ll have another post with strategies for maximizing this shortly.


  1. Does this mean that those who status matched from UA 1K who needed 55K now only need 27.5K? I guess I have to do it!

  2. @ David — The terms of the match offer specifically said that promotions don’t qualify, so I suspect you still have to fly the 55K.

  3. Just got AA to match me to EXP through EOY with 25k EQM/EQP needed to extend it a year … talk about an early Christmas present!

    O Happy Day

  4. Sweet. I have to buy a biz ticket to Tokyo from the US East Coast for December. No current status on AA (gold on UA only), but would love to get plat or EXPLAT.

  5. Btw, it’s for all AAdvantage members … yours says “as an elite member” but I got to a page that said the same promo for general members.

  6. Too bad…this was in my match email: “Bonus elite qualifying miles earned through special promotions are excluded.”

  7. Since UA’s operational performance was just as bad, maybe we’ll see them match all or part of this offer. Hahahah, yeah right, why would they do something good for their customers.

  8. under the T&C for the DEQM portion:

    “Bonus elite qualifying miles or points will count towards your 2013 membership year.”

    If we are EXP, I still get the EQM which doesn’t do anything for me, but does this mean the 100% bonus EQM I earn right now will apply towards next year, helping me get a heads-up on the requalification for 2014?

  9. @ Howie — Just keep in mind that if you have a status challenge promotional EQMs/EQPs typically don’t count.

  10. @ Jerry — I don’t believe it can be.

    @ Ben — No, it would apply towards this year’s EQM total, which is what qualifies you for 2013 status. That’s not especially useful to you, so what you have to gain are the bonus redeemable miles.

  11. @ Zz — As it should be, just as the election results will be on all the news stations within an hour of the winner being declared. 😉

  12. @ Lucky – THanks for clearing it up. Makes sense now that I re-read it a few more time. It sure would be nice if they extended into January or February for a leg up on 2014 requalifications. Made EXP thanks to the stacking DEQM promo this Jan and wouldn’t mind a repeat performance 😀

  13. This promotion is more generous than double RDM and triple EQM on the VX routes at the beginning of the year?

    I have to say I am a fan of the terms since the offer is wide open for elites and targetted to Thanksgiving travel for non-elites when they are most likely to be traveling anyway. Just not sure about “most generous”.

  14. @ qbrain — That was exclusively for residents of two states and available only on a couple of routes. This is systemwide, so is huge, IMO. You can rack up double redeemable miles a lot faster to China than on a midcon. 😉

  15. @ Zz — They’ve still always cleared for me. 🙂

    @ Ben — Agreed, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar promotion early next year.

  16. Closer look at the T&Cs seems to indicate that the double EQM/EQPs are for everyone, but the double RDMs are for elites only.

    In addition, codeshares are not eligible for the double RDM component, but that restriction doesn’t appear to exist for the EQM/EQP portion.

  17. I believe the double RDM’s only apply for travel around the Thanksgiving holiday. I think the dates are Nov 16-26. But I am sure that nobody around here really cares about RDM’s. Unless, of course, they already have all the EQM’s they need to requalify for next year.

  18. @ Chas @ AC @ Eric — Right, just updated post to reflect that, thanks. Elite members get double redeemable miles throughout, while non-elites only get double redeemable miles November 16 through 26.

  19. I just registerd gor the promotion, tried booking a RT flight in the Nov 16-26 window using miles. I don’t see a discount on points, still 25k.

  20. @ Dave — This promotion offers a bonus on earned miles for paid tickets and not a discount for award tickets.

  21. Can someone please provide a link to the terms where it says that elites will get double redeemable miles from 11/1 to 12/31? (I must be blind)

  22. Earned 100k RDM on AA this year but zero BIS means it’s rather unlikely I can make this into anything “HUGE” during the brief window both benefits are in effect for general members.

  23. Let’s hope for a UA match… one can dream, no? I have so much *A travel planned thru EOY, I simply don’t have time for any AA travel.

  24. Im currently on an AA plat challenge and will meet the requirements during this promotion. Do you think my status will qualify me to earn as an elite for the entire promotion, just the flights after I meet my challenge count towards redeemable miles, or neither?

  25. Having already requalified for EXP, I’d rather not have the competition next year for upgrades. It was hard enough this year with all the UA matches joining the system.

  26. “I’ll have another post with strategies for maximizing this shortly.”

    If you have any strategies for zero EQM general members from non-hub locations feel free to share those as well! 😉

  27. I agree with Ben… It would have been better to see it extended into 2013 for next year’s qualification. That’s what was great about last year’s promotion! I think it was Dec ’11 & Jan ’12 so you could get help for whichever year you were “in need.”

  28. Bonus elite qualifying miles or points will count towards your 2013 membership year.

    Does this mean EQM or EQP count towards next years totals?

  29. @Lucky – If I’m on an “I” fare that earns 1.5 points/mile will I then earn 3.0 points or 2.5 (the 1.5 + 1, correlating to base miles)?

  30. @ John — I have no clue. If I figure it out I’ll post here, though.

    @ Tom — No, they count towards this year’s totals, which is what qualifies you for status for next year.

    @ A. S. — I believe you’d earn three.

  31. This is great for those who have not already re-qualified or finalized plans to re-qualify. However, I am sure for many this will have little impact, as they probably have a pretty good map already for how they were going to finish the year, and with only 8 weeks left to book, and most cheap fares require a couple weeks advance, I don’t think the timing of this will be quite as HUGE as it would be if it was in say the spring.

  32. I don’t see any reference to double RDM in the terms and conditions. Also I fear that this will produce a lot more EXP to compete with, especially after the DEQM/TEQM earlier this year. =/

  33. Like a few others here, I too have already qualified for EXP, and with AA’s “elite rewards” based on points, I’m too far away to go for it.

    Sure hope UA matches, it would help me get to 1K

  34. I too have qualified as EXP and experienced more than a few operational irregularities in Sept and Oct. I can’t get real excited about this “apology” which amounts to 3X’s RM’s instead of 2X’s. Now if it was extended to Jan 31,2013 that would be another matter.

  35. @ Ed — I’ll have a post on this in the morning, but I’d bet yes. It’s anyone’s guess, though.

  36. Lucky,
    If I do a run to PEK as you suggest. After 1 run I shall become a lowly gold. I plan on going to EXP based on your recommendation, will I get the elite benefits for the entire rest of the promotion?

  37. @ C — Yes, once you reach Gold you can enjoy those benefits for the rest of your travels through the end of next year.

  38. Lucky that we’re booked leaving on 11/22. Bad luck that we’re coming back on 12/4. However, I’ll take what I can get.


  39. I’m really excited about this, however, how fast/easy can we get a visa to China if leaving within 14 days? I have a passport and it’s not expiring anytime soon. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

    Lucky/Ben, Thank you for all your posts and answering our questions! I’ve been a long time reader and greatly appreciate all your help and hard work!

  40. @ Bucket List — Thanks! 🙂

    It’s easy to get it same day in person at a consulate, if you leave near one or are willing to fly to one. Otherwise you can use a service, though you’ll want to overnight all documents. Still shouldn’t be too tough.

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